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Home making is an art.

And you, my friend, are the artist.

I’m glad you’re here, because I want to tell you: what you’re doing is so important.

Your faith + family, your femininity, your personal health + wellness… it all matters.

You can live well.

As a homemaker. As a working woman, a single woman; a busy, bored, or bewildered woman.

You just need some old-fashioned inspiration… and a few modern solutions. Start here.

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About me

Welcome to my homemaking blog: the one inspired by old-fashioned values + modern solutions.

I’m Kristy Lynn: modern homemaker; mom of 3 energetic teens + 2 hungry little boys; wife to 1 amazing pastor.

Three quick things: I prefer cheap and easy recipes; I love dressing well (even if I’m not going anywhere); recharging in the middle of crazy keeps me sane (sort of).

When I’m not plotting my next project, you’ll find me tackling domestic duties + sipping on endless cups of tea. (Read more.)

Kristy's Cottage blog | Inspired Modern Homemaking

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