Never Yank At Your Neckline Again- Best Women’s Tank Top

This post: best women’s tank top for literally every layer solution.

I used to feel like I was on a perpetual hunt for layering tees

Really, anything comfortable to add warmth, style, and modesty to my seasonally-changing wardrobe.

But here’s the thing-

A really great layering cami is a bit of a unicorn.

Over the years, I tried a variety of brands and shops. 

Even attempted making my own modest layering tops-

That didn’t go well.

Years agosomewhere between nursing Baby #2 and getting pregnant with Baby #3

I gave up on bulky layering and the endless search for clothing with a neckline and sleeves.

Did I give up because I quit caring?

Absolutely not.

I gave up the hunt because I found what I was looking for:

The Best Modest Layering Tees, period.

Enter the HalfTee.

These really are exactly what they sound like: half tees.

Tee shirts cut in half so you don’t have the bulk that usually comes with layering.

Halftees are the perfect modest layering solution.

These days, you’ll find me shopping the newest season of HalfTees online, instead of combing the racks at department stores for that best women’s tank top (that may not exist). 

I’ve been wearing Halftees for over a decade and personally own more than twenty of these babies.

They are an essential part of my wardrobe staple for every season.

In this post, I’m going to show you:

  • how to wear Halftees year-round
  • how they work great for modest maternity styling
  • why they are the best nursing cami ever
  • how to save money with my Halftee promo code

This post is so much more than a Halftee review… it’s Modest Wardrobe Essentials 101! xoxo  

How to Wear HalfTees Year-Round

I love how effortless Halftees are to style… seriously so many ways to wear them!

What sets these layering tees aside is that they come in every imaginable sleeve-length.

A few ideas for styling the Halftee for warm weather:

Throw on a basic cap sleeve under a favorite top or blouse.

the perfect seamless cami top

Sleeve Lengths of Every Kind

Three-quarter length is only one of the many sleeve lengths HalfTees come in.

Here are more:


Spaghetti Strap

Cap SleevesI were this one a lot under tee shirts that need a higher neckline

Long Sleeves

And last but not least- Bell Sleeves, which are brand new to the site and so pretty!

More Than Just Sleeves

I don’t have to tell you that sleeves are just half the solution, right? There’s the plunging neckline too.

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HalfTees fix that problem too, with reversible, discreet necklines.

(Have you noticed? HalfTees really are THE ONLY layering tanks you need to own!)

Still More Options

Shall we talk about colors and sizes? HalfTees are available in lots of colors (my favorites are the neutrals because they go with everything!).


How about girls’ through plus size.

A few more styles to can pick from:

Crewneck styles

Lace and Sheer HalfTees

Snake Skin, Cat Print and Swis Dots

SlipTees (For example, if you need full coverage under a sheer dress.)

Full-Length camis (cap sleeves and boyfriend/crewneck)

HalfTees for Girls- the Girlee

About That Code

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My Experience With HalfTees

I’ve been wearing HalfTees since my third pregnancy back in 2008… so I feel like I’ve had time to try this company out a bit. *wink*

Between my teenage daughters and myself, we own about twenty HalfTees- in lots of colors and sleeve lengths.

SlipTees are also among my favorite wardrobe staple- I own one in black and one in nude.

Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I wore a regular women’s tank top or full length cami.

My favorite features about the HalfTee include:

  • no bulk
  • comfortable fit
  • no itchy tags
  • super easy for breastfeeding moms! (read my review here)
  • versatile neckline (wear it frontwards or backwards)
  • lots of sleeve-length choices
  • so many beautiful colors

FAQ About HalfTees

I don’t like spending money on products I don’t know much about; so here are some of the questions I had about purchasing a HalfTee for the first time:

(Maybe you relate to some of these?)

-> Are HalfTees worth the money?

Of course, this was my biggest question too.

I had a miniscule wardrobe, and a tiny budget to go with it. If I was going to invest in a wardrobe staple, it needed to be practical, pretty, comfortable, and something I could wear over and over again.

The quality of HalfTees is top-notch. They aren’t itchy or bulky, they provide great coverage, and they wash and wear well (more on that below).

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They are definitely worth the money, and more.

-> How long do HalfTees last?

I’ve had to replace maybe three HalfTees over the years; mainly only the white ones that I wear a lot in the summer, since they discolor and stain more easily.

Most of my HalfTees have years of wear in them, and they still look amazing.

-> They’re washable, right?

Absolutely! I wash my white and nude HalfTees with other whites/lights and dry them in the sun to keep them pristine.

I wash my colored HalfTees with other permanent press laundry and hang them up to air dry. This preserves the “life” in these garments beautifully.

-> What sizes do HalfTees come in?

HalfTees are available in girl’s sizes up to ladies xsmall through curvy sizes (XL through 6X).

-> Do they fit true-to-size?

For reference, I typically wear a ladies’ size small in dresses and tops; I wear the small or small/medium size in HalfTees.

If you’re a tad busty, go up a size. (Works for me.)

For example, here’s an outfit I styled last summer with a “boyfriend” HalfTee. 

First off, I love this summer maxi dress; but it’s sleeveless, has an open back, and a rather low-cut neckline.

To solve all the above issues, I simple wore a black HalfTee under the dress. Voila!

(Oh, and I finished off the style with a chic Kate Spade purse from PoshMark.)

My friend, the HalfTee really is the BEST women’s tank top you’ll ever find!

I hope you’ll take my word for it and give these wardrobe staples a try… I promise you won’t regret it.

HalfTee Promo Code… Because You Need to Own the Best Women’s Tank Top

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Your Turn

Which one of these sleeve lengths or styles from HalfTee would you most likely wear? Share in a comment below!

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