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Hi there, I'm Kristy.  Welcome to my lifestyle blog.

I began blogging in 2007, simply as an outlet to process what I was learning as a young wife and mom.

As a brand new pastor's wife and mother in my early 20s, I often felt deeply isolated and lonely.  My struggles with depression, health issues, finances, and overwhelm pushed me to find solutions... and to share those solutions with others.

In the process, I discovered one thing: other women want to live well too.

We all just need someone to inspire us.

Living with excellence is still my greatest passion.

Inspiring other women to live well is why I take the risk of sharing my thoughts, struggles and solutions with the world.

Thank you for being here. And for being open to a lifestyle of growth, learning, and excellence. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Here's to living well- 

xoxo, Kristy

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Favorite quote: "We are responsible for either our own delight or our own demise." Sally Clarkson

Notes From Readers

"You are a good writer, easy to read and with great messages."

— Annette

"Let me just say thank you, Kristy, for the mentoring you graciously extend via this blog."

— Priscilla

"Thank you for your vulnerability and openness. It is so refreshing."

— Lisa

"I love using your recipes!  They always turn out so great and the amount made is exactly perfect for our family of seven."

— Charity

"THANK YOU for your honesty. Your article was reprinted in our local homeschool paper (MassHOPE) and it was just what I needed to day."

— Kelley

"Thank you for the time you invest in Christian women’s lives."


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Being the introspective woman that I am, I love journaling. 

Most weeks, I include a free worksheet that you can download and print, and use in your own quiet time.

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Use these worksheets like a personal journal; the idea is to help you understand yourself a little better, become more aware, and grow in your capacities to live and love well.

Now that you've learned a little about this blog, I hope you'll stick around!

Please pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea, and enjoy yourself.

I'm always just an email away, so please feel free to comment or contact me with your input, questions and comments. I'm not always on top of my email game, but I promise to read and respond.

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