Ah, the tastes and scents of autumn:

Coffee with cream.

Creamy Pumpkin Pie Tea.

Freshly baked Coconut Banana Bread.

Savory Chicken Soup.

And turmeric root.  

Yes, turmeric root, my friends.

I never venture far into the “cold and flu season” without it, and neither should you!

Once upon an October, I discovered this fiery-orange relative of ginger, quite by accident.  

Four years ago, I was pregnant and experiencing a string of nearly non-stop sinus infections.

 I was determined to stay out of the doctor’s office and avoid prescription meds, but was completely at a loss to know what to do to relieve the misery of a sore throat, aching ears, and painfully congested sinuses.  

One afternoon while my children were napping, I retreated to my bedroom with a magazine, hoping to stumble upon some tidbit of information to improve my health.  An article entitled “10 Spices That Heal” grabbed my attention.  I remember very little about the article, except that it introduced me to the amazing health benefits of turmeric root, especially as an anti-inflammatory.

It was late in the day, but my sweet husband made a trip into town and bought a bottle of Turmeric Root from the Wal-Mart pharmacy.  (I now prefer to order Turmeric Root right here at Bulk Herb Store.)  

I took four capsules of turmeric root, three times a day; within three days, the swollen glands, sore throat, and aching ears were gone.  Turmeric root became my new best friend!  

I now keep this herb on hand at all times and rely on it heavily throughout the cold and flu season, and here are just a few reasons why-

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