I’m a skirt-wearing girl, and sometimes it’s just plain hard for me to find a long denim skirt to love!

Most brick-and-mortar stores are a bit scarce in the skirt department, and shopping online can be tricky if you’re not sure how a brand or size will fit.

I love my knee-length skirts, and I wear them in the winter with a pair of leggings for warmth.  But I really love a comfortable, ankle-length denim skirt in the fall and winter.

I’ve been wearing the Rainbow Denim skirt a lot since last November, and I want to share a quick review with you today.  If you’re looking for a versatile and pretty denim skirt, this one is a keeper!

Why It's Hard for Me to Find a Long Denim Skirt | Rainbow Denim Skirt Review @ Kristy's Cottage

Let me share a few of my denim skirt hurdles, and why this skirt from Deborah and Co works so well for me:

Hurdle #1: Most “long” skirts are still too short for me.

At not-quite-5’6″, I’m just tall enough that a lot of skirts don’t hit at a comfortable length for me.  I prefer my long skirts to brush the tops of my ankles, not drape somewhere halfway between my ankle and my calf.  That’s just a personal preference, but it makes a lot of skirts not work so well!

The Rainbow Denim Skirt is very tall-mama-friendly… I ordered my skirt with a custom hemming, which made it a perfect length.

(If you don’t need the extra length, then the standard measurements will probably work just fine for you.)

The custom hemming option costs an extra $8, but if you have this issue with skirts then I think you’ll agree that it’s totally worth it!

Why It's Hard for Me to Find a Long Denim Skirt | Rainbow Denim Skirt Review @ Kristy's Cottage

Hurdle #2: Most skirts don’t fit right in the hips. 

I have a “willow” or “pencil” body frame, which basically means I have no hips. That might sound like a good thing, but it’s a real challenge for me to shop because much of the clothing in department stores is designed to fit an hour-glass figure.

Because of my body shape, I love A-line skirts.  This is an A-line skirt!  It fits nicely in my hips (not too baggy) and flares out comfortably without bulk.

Hurdle #3: A lot of skirts have super high slits.

 Have you ever been out shopping and found a gorgeous, long denim skirt… with a slit up the back (or front) that went way above the thighs?

Um, yeah.  Don’t ask me what the designer must have been thinking!

I’ve sewn up slits, and it makes a skirt way too tight to walk in.  I’ve seen crafty mamas insert denim material to close up a slit without making the skirt too tight, but I don’t have time or talent for that. Just give me a ready-to-wear skirt, please!

The Rainbow Denim Skirt is slit-free, full, and totally comfortable.

Hurdle #4: Maternity denim skirts went extinct one million years ago.

Okay, maybe not.

But the only thing more difficult to find than a long denim skirt is a maternity long denim skirt

Caroline sporting her cute baby bump... and the Rainbow Denim Skirt in maternity.
Caroline sporting her cute baby bump… and the Rainbow Denim Skirt in maternity.

No, I’m not pregnant.  But, I’ve been blessed to need a maternity wardrobe five times, and I know how difficult it is to find a decent skirt when you’re pregnant.

For the sake of you sweet mamas who do have a baby bump, I’m really excited that this gorgeous skirt comes in maternity sizes too!


My rating for this skirt: five stars! 

I’ve worn the Rainbow Denim Skirt a lot over the winter season, and it pairs beautifully with a sweater and boots.  This week we’ve enjoyed some unusually warm days for January, so I slipped on a pair of ballet flats and a light, flannel top.

Anything feminine and pretty compliments this skirt, and I would definitely recommend it for quality, versatility, and comfort.

Why It's Hard for Me to Find a Long Denim Skirt | Rainbow Denim Skirt Review @ Kristy's Cottage

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 A big thank you to my friend, Caroline at Deborah & Co, for providing such a lovely online shopping experience for modest women and girls, for the beautiful skirt to review, and for sharing the free shipping promo code with my lovely friends and readers. 


Is it hard for you to find a denim skirt to love?

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