Whole Foods & Recipes

I’m a “real” mama, and I love “real” food.  

I’m not a food purist, but I do strive to eat as healthy, organic, and as many “whole foods” as I can.

Here’s my comfy “farm house” dining room, where we do lots of life… including eating!  My family spends a lot of time right here! 

Whole Foods Pantry, Recipes & Menu Plans @ Kristy's Cottage blog

And here’s a compilation of my best tips, money-saving ideas, menu plans, recipes and more-

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Whole Food: Getting Started

Teaching Daughters to Cook with Whole Foods

Healthy, Homemade Breakfast Recipes

Favorite Healthy Foods for Kids

Whole Food Menu Planning 

What Our Family Eats (and a 14-day menu plan)

Prepping for a Two Week Menu Plan

How to Simplify Menu Planning

Stocking a Whole Foods Pantry

Whole Food Shopping & Budgeting

Grocery Shopping at Central Market

Buying Whole Foods at Aldi & Walmart

Goodies and Savings from the Farmer’s Market

Healthy Living on a Budget (a few Things)

4 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store When You Eat Gluten-free

3 Ways to Fit Whole Foods into Your Budget

Whole Food Tips, Prep, & Storage 

Simple Baking Tips for Stevia and Xylitol

Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil 

Whole Foods in the Freezer

How to Buy in Bulk for a Small Family

Buying in Bulk: What to Do with 50 lbs of Sucanat

Whole Foods When You’re Too Busy 

90 Healthy, Frugal Meal Ideas for Busy Moms

Healthy Convenience Foods

I Don’t Have Time to Cook!

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