Ever wonder what to buy from a store like Bulk Herb Store?

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the healthy doodads, herbs, and fancy mixes of teas, tinctures, and concoctions?

When I was just starting out as a natural mama several years ago, I would go to sites like Bulk Herb Store and just feel dizzy at all the information and options.  What should I buy, and where should I even start to build a stash of healthy products for my family?

Today, I’m going to share my top dozen favorite products from Bulk Herb Store.  These are great products to start with if you’re new to herbs or healthy living, and products I’ve used over and over again as a natural mama.

Right now is a GREAT time to get acquainted with Bulk Herb Store,  because their biggest sale of the year is in progress!

Through August 15, 2015 (this Friday), you can save 20% off your entire order at Bulk Herb Store, plus save up to 60% on many of Shoshanna’s popular herbal mixes, DVD’s and books.

I like to stock up during these every-so-often sales, and I just placed an order last week for some of my favorite products from Bulk Herb Store.

Here’s a peek at the top twelve products I LOVE from Bulk Herb Store

and it was hard to just choose twelve!  These are the top herbal mixes and products I’ve used over the years-

Organic Teas

I’m a huge tea lover!  These are my faves from Bulk Herb Store:

#1 Fast Asleep Tea

Fast Asleep Tea, by Bulk Herb Store

I’m a high strung mama and have struggled with insomnia over the years.

Shoshanna’s Fast Asleep Tea is one of my favorite night-time rituals… my kids love it when I bring them a cup at bedtime, too!

#2 Cough Tea

This medicinal (but yummy!) herbal tea is a must-have for the fall and winter seasons!

Our family enjoys Cough Tea served hot with lots of honey.  Very soothing.

Not recommended during pregnancy.

Cough Tea, by Bulk Herb Store- excellent for soothing sore throats and coughing!

Herban-C-Tea from Bulk Herb Store- powerful for kicking a sinus infection or Step out the door!

#3 Herban C Tea

Shoshanna’s Herban C Tea is another essential for the fall and winter months!  Come to think of, this one is good to keep on hand year-round if you’re prone to sinus infections or seasonal allergies.

I’ve been using this tea pretty heavily this week to kick a stubborn summer-time sinus cold. This tea is very high in Vitamin C and is strongly medicinal… I drink it with LOTS of honey or xylitol!

#4 Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew

Mama's-Red-Raspberry-Brew - a must-have tea blend for pregnancy!

Mama’s Red Raspberry Brew was my go-to drink during most of my five pregnancies!  This tea is soooo refreshing when drank cold (especially in the summer!). 

Red Raspberry leaf is so beneficial for pregnant mamas (read all about that here)!  If you’re expecting a little one, be sure to check out Shoshanna’s Mama’s Milk Tea, as well.

Herbal Mixes:

A few of my favorite and oft-used herbal blends from Bulk Herb Store:

#5 Beautiful Hair

Beautiful Hair- the BEST herbal hair treatment for long, healthy  hair!

My sister and I both love the Beautiful Hair mix from Bulk Herb Store!  

We use the Dark Hair treatment, but you can also get it for Blonde and Red Hair.

#6 Double-E Immune Booster

Double-E Immune Booster from Bulk Herb Store

The Double-E Immune Booster was one of the first tinctures I made when I was first starting to learn about herbs and natural living!  This herbal mix is a great product to keep on hand when you have a young family.

You can either infuse this herbal mix as a tea, or make a glycerite tincture to help keep your kids well through the fall and winter months.

#7 Detox+

Detox+ from Bulk Herb Store - great cleanse!

I generally do a yearly cleanse with Detox+ (it tastes best in a smoothie!). 

This is a great product to keep on hand for your New Year’s resolution detox (just save it in the freezer if you don’t want to use it right away).  Then again, fall and spring are great times to cleanse your body, as well (since your body isn’t conserving energy like it has to do during the winter months).

Other Favorites from Bulk Herb Store:

#8 Eden’s Salve

I think Eden’s Salve may have been the first product I ever used from Bulk Herb Store… and I’ve kept this stuff in stock in my home ever since! 

This product makes a soothing salve for insect bites or burns, and I used it for my baby’s diaper rashes, as well.

There are so many uses for Eden's Salve from Bulk Herb Store!  I keep this stuff on hand all the time!

Tea Strainer from Bulk Herb Store- my favorite way to steep loose leaf tea

#9 Tea Mug Basket Strainer

If you love loose leaf tea, then I hope you have at least one of these Tea Mug Basket Strainers!

Shoshanna’s Press ‘n Brew tea bags are a fun project if you prefer ready-made tea bags in your pantry, but this tea strainer is the short cut to a freshly brewed cup of tea.

#10  Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal from Bulk Herb Store

My midwife recommended Activated Charcoal to me several years ago, and I’ve used it ever since. 

Activated charcoal is useful for detoxing and cleansing, treating diaghrea and vomiting, and relieving symptoms of food poisoning.

#11 Arrow Root Powder

Arrowroot Powder... a must-have for gluten-free flour blends and baking.

Arrowroot Powder is one of those staples I try to never run out of.  Why?

It’s absolutely essential for gluten-free flour blends and baking!  (Have you tried Shoshanan’s Gluten-free Flour Blend?  It’s the best!)

#12 Organic Spices

I love to keep my kitchen cabinets stocked with organic spices from Bulk Herb Store!

These come in 1/2 pound bags, so I save the extra bulk in the freezer until I need to refill my spice containers.

My favorite spices from Bulk Herb Store include-

Sea Salt

Black Pepper Corns




Onion Powder


Garlic Powder and Minced Garlic

Black Pepper Corn s from Bulk Herb Store

Organic Minced Garlic from Bulk Herb Store

This sale ends tomorrow (August 15), so don’t miss it! 

Use promo code SUMMER15 at check out to save 20 off your entire order!

Shop Bulk Herb Store now.

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