Happy Friday… and welcome back, friends! 

Welcome back to my happy place, my little corner of “quiet” in this big, busy, distracting place called The Internet. 

It’s been a busy blogging “break.”  As much as I embrace the need to push away for a while every now and then, I find myself most at home in my world of words.

Reading words.

But, most of all, stringing them together in a way that enables me to process and share life.

That’s why this blog is one of my beautiful places.  In a strange way, it feels safe to just be here… to share, to connect, to speak as if no one is even listening.

But I’m happy that you are here, listening.  Maybe you hear your own voice echoing back from these pages?

I tend to seek these beautiful places; create them if need be.

Maybe you do too… maybe you also need quiet, beautiful corners of the world to retreat into and just be?

Weekend Reads @ Kristy's Cottage blog

July has been one of those months that reminds me how much I truly need these quiet corners in my life. 

The early mornings with my Bible and my blog.

The day dreams and whispered prayers throughout my busy days.

The afternoon naps (shared with a certain sweet, two year old boy).

The creamy cups of coffee.

The early evening swims with my kids (I can’t believe how relaxing that is!).

The birthday celebrations that are all about enjoying and less about doing.

We made time for a birthday celebration like that this week.  

Our little Mr. C turned five years old on Tuesday.  Since we had a funeral at the church on that day, we wiped our “to do’s” off the calendar and devoted Monday to simply celebrating our little man.

Since Mr. C loves trains, a trolley ride in uptown Dallas seemed to fit the bill… what a beautiful day!

Welcome Back to My Happy Place {weekend reads}

Welcome Back to My Happy Place {weekend reads}

I still haven’t completely unpacked or caught up on my sleep from our week at church camp.  Next Tuesday we commence the last few weeks of summer homeschooling and, no, I’m not really “ready.”

But we’ll get there!

And, most importantly, I want to enjoy the journey between “here” and getting “there.”

Since this is our Weekend Reads post, I can’t go without sharing a good read…

On our way to camp last week, I read Lysa Terkeurst’s book, Unglued.

Unglued, by Lysa TerKeurst

Boy, oh boy!  This one dug deep.

Lysa is a fellow high-strung gal, and she transparently unpacks a whole lot of baggage that we women tend to carry around.

This book was a refreshing, honest, and challenging take on life as a high strung woman.  I highly recommend it!

Have a blessed weekend, friends.

Enjoy these remaining days of summer… 

sip lemonade

read a good book

gaze at the stars

Create beautiful, happy places…


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One thought on “Welcome Back to My Happy Place {weekend reads}

  1. THe trolley ride looks fun! It’s one of the items on my to-do list for next month when we go visit my family. Actually, since I grew up in the D/FW area I have a large list of places I want to show my children. We don’t make it down there very often. 🙁

    I love my world of words as well, although I don’t have a blog at this time. I certainly can understand how this can be a quiet place for you.
    Glad to have you back! Thank you for writing.

    Posted on July 31, 2015 at 2:50 pm