Trim Healthy Mama Menu Plan & Grocery List {week 1}




Our family is eating the Trim Healthy Mama way during the entire month of June.


A reader commented on our Facebook page yesterday that she needed a menu plan to use with the Trim Healthy Mama recipes, so I created a one week menu plan, complete with a handy grocery shopping list, to share with you.  This  is my personal go to plan for our first week of the challenge, and you are welcome to print a copy for yourself, as well.


  Get my Trim Healthy Mama Menu Plan & Grocery List for Week 1 here.



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  1. Sherrill says

    I can’t pull up any of the menu plans. Could you please send me what you’ve posted? Thank you so much. I’m just thinking of getting started on this plan.

  2. Luane Frazier says

    My doctor recommended I check out the THM information. Seeing a 600 page book, I totally was ready to run away! But, after reading these posts and hopeful that the menu plan will print out for me, I might have a chance to attempt it. Thank you for your effort and sharing of this information.

  3. says

    Tried to download just got a black screen. I have been on THM for a couple of months I do well with menu plans. thanks for any help you can offer to get the download.

  4. says

    I have been on THM for a couple of months and would like to follow a menu plan it works better for me personally. thanks tried to download only black screen shows up as already been addressed by others

  5. Allison McCosker says


    I just started THM and LOVE it! I tried to download your meal ideas and was unable to get it done. Can you please email your list to me as I am eager to try new receipes.


  6. deni says

    I too am unable to open files. Could you email pdfs to me please.
    thank you very much for your posts this really helps a girl who feels this is all a bit overwhelming.

  7. Melissa says

    Hi. I am trying to print the menu/recipe list for THM week 1, but when the file opens it is empty. Can you email them to me?

    Thank you.

  8. Kim says

    Do you have the menus and grocery lists for all weeks in PDF by chance? I’ve been unsuccessful in being able to open them on any if my computers. Thank you so much! You’ve truly made it easier for my daughter and I to get started!

  9. Jeannie says

    Hello! I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments but I noticed it has been several months since this original post. I was just wondering who is still following the THM diet and would you recommend it? I am thinking of starting but am sick of fad diets and I was hoping this was something different. Thank you.

  10. Nicole says

    Can you please make the menu documents in a PDF file? I cannot open them on my iPad or iPhone. I would like to see them but the links won’t open unless in PDF form. Thanks!

  11. Somer says

    i want to start thm but with 5 little ones and i also am home schooling, i have no time to read the book right now. Having a meal plan and grocery list is such an amazing blessing right now! Will you be doing this weekly?

  12. Traci says

    When I try to open up your weekly menu, I just get a black page. Is there any way you can e-mail it to me? My email is This would help me out tremendously! I am trying to get started on this and I need some extra support. Thank you so much!

  13. Stacy says

    This is really great! :-) I’ve started handing out my meal plans to others too – when someone is just starting out, this is SO helpful. What a blessing this is to others!
    Thanks for linking up to Trim Healthy Tuesday!!

  14. Natalia says

    Hi! I’ve been doing THM for 1 week and lost 8 lbs! Just figuring out my own meals, not this menu, as I didn’t have it then. I was really excited to see this as it seems to be one thing missing from the book. My husband said they should have a “quick start” menu for the first week while you are reading the book to understand the whys! They do have a very strict menu later on in the book but don’t want you to use it until you understand all the concepts. That could take weeks! They also have sample menus the sisters use, also much later in the book, and that’s one of the first places I read.

    I have a few questions about your menu–there are some things on the shopping list that aren’t quite clear. It doesn’t say what kind of tortillas, for example. For the kids’ quesadillas it wouldn’t matter of course, but the recipe for breakfast burritos specifies sprouted tortillas, and elsewhere in the book for some meals they recommend a certain brand of low-carb tortillas. Regular tortillas wouldn’t be on this plan. Also, I’m curious about the guacamole and chips. The chips definitely wouldn’t be on the plan with the fat and carbs together and then with the avocado also, or is that another meal on the menu for those who aren’t on the eating plan? Or maybe a crossover meal?. Similarly, the dairy products are not specified and the type is crucial to the plan, The cheese could be regular for an S meal, but would have to be low-fat for an E meal. The cottage cheese, cream cheese, and sour cream all have to be low-fat for E meals. Coconut flakes would have to be unsweetened. Almond milk also is strictly unsweetened. Salad dressings need to be different for S or E meals. I know all this from reading, but maybe a newbie wouldn’t.

    In any case, it’s inspiring to have a menu made up, and I can always create a shopping list by looking up the recipes myself too. It makes it much more accessible, especially to a beginner, to have something to start with.

    My first 2 days I had barely cracked open the book but didn’t want to wait–It’s long!– so started with what I knew, while I read. I must have made a mistake or two in strictness, but I lost 5 lbs those first 2 days. Wow, that was a motivator! As I continued the week I kept it super simple. We were already familiar with low carb eating so I did S breakfasts and suppers, and made an E smoothie for each lunch. I still haven’t finished the book, so I”m sure that wasn’t quite right, and there were also 2 suppers that I didn’t keep it perfectly because of eating with family and friends, yet I still lost 8 lbs in a week. (Those two days of not quite strict suppers I didn’t lose anything, hence why you might not want to include crossover meals, or at least label them so keeners can leave them out. 😉 )

    Thanks so much for doing this. Awesome resource!


    • says

      Natalie, Regarding your questions:

      Since our family is gluten-free and we can’t eat sprouted tortillas, I simply use corn tortillas. Use whatever you have available that is a good fit for “the plan” and your family.

      I used Serene and Pearl’s “Australian Guacamole” recipe and organic blue corn chips (which are a recommended side for the recipe).

      Again, due to food allergies, our family does not eat any whey-containing dairy products, so I skip the cottage cheese and mozzarella and always opt for raw cheddar cheese, full fat cream cheese and sour cream.

      We always use unsweetened coconut flakes and almond milk, etc.

      I definitely see your point and have included a few more specifics in the grocery list for week two. Thanks for the feedback, and way to go on a great start on the pan!

  15. Autumn Root says

    Printed this, bought the book and joining you in the quest for a healthier June and hopefully a healthier life all around! Found you on DeepRootsatHome. Thanks for putting this together…was super easy to shop for what I needed.

  16. Lisa Landry says

    I envy those who have a plan of meals. It is probably easier but since it is hubby and I, I just go with what we want at that time. Great post

    • says

      Thank you, Lisa!

      For me, a menu plan is a MUST! I don’t think I could pull off cooking new recipes for an entire month without one!

      Hope you and your hubby enjoy those meals… we certainly are. :)

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