The Trim Healthy Mama 30-Day Challenge


Several years ago, I read in Nancy Campbell’s Above Rubies magazine that two of her daughters, Serene and Pearl, were collaborating to write a book.


The topic?  How these two mamas stay so healthy, energetic, and trim!  Naturally, I was interested in what these gals had to say!


That was about five years ago, and I finally got my hands on Serene and Pearl’s brand new book, Trim Healthy Mama.  Chances are, you’ve been seeing it all over the internet… and for good reason!


Along side Shoshanna’s Making Babies series, Trim Healthy Mama is one of the BEST resources for women’s health I’ve ever seen.


I received my copy of Serene and Pearl’s book  in the mail just last week and I eagerly dove into the recipes.  My family is loving the meals SO MUCH that I decided to give us all a little challenge:


30 days of eating the Trim Healthy Mama Way



Here’s why:


I want to get rid of a little post-pregnancy “bulk”


I want to boost my metabolism and increase energy levels



I want to cook balanced, healthy, hearty meals for my husband


I want to introduce my children to healthy, delicious, sugar-free foods


I want to learn new delicious low-carb recipes


I want to help my sister stabilize her blood sugar



From the reviews I’ve read from other mamas, I fully expect to get these results (and more!) from Trim Healthy Mama recipes.


If any of my goals ring a bell with you, why don’t you join me in my thirty day challenge?


If you already own a copy of Trim Healthy Mama, then you’re all set to go!  If not, grab the book from Amazon so you can get started.


If you want to join my Trim Healthy Mama Challenge, grab the button code below and slap it on your sidebar, link up your blog, and leave me a comment.



(If you’re not a blogger, you’re welcome to join too; just leave me a comment and let me know you’re on board!)


This will give us all a little accountability, plus it’s just fun knowing others are up for the challenge too!


Grab button for 30 Day Challenge

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I’ll be back every Monday during the  month of June with an update and pictures of our family’s favorite Trim Healthy Mama recipes of the week.



Let’s do this together!



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  1. Robyn says

    I would love to join your challenge. I am new at this, I have the book. I live in NZ so it is not so easy to get the ingredients that Pearl and Serene talk about, but I am working on it ;o)

  2. CarolJoy says

    I am with you on the THM. I am a grandmother and loving the food. I have tried so many diets, some successful for a time, others not edible.

  3. Danell M. says

    This post caught my eye since I’m attempting to change my family’s eating habits, rather unsuccessfully at the moment 😉 I’m eager to hear how you like the recipes, and if they are easy to prepare. This might be something I want to try out with my family also. Thanks, Kristy!

  4. Kim Dutt says

    Yes, I am totally up for the challenge. I’ve been reading the book for two weeks now and just tagged several recipes in it this morning. I started the Trim Healthy Mama plan today as well. Hmm…then I read this post? Perfect timing!

  5. Amy Matthews says

    I’ve had the book for a couple of months, have labeled it, and bought some of the items they suggest but still haven’t followed the plan. Maybe this will help me to get started.

  6. Shelby says

    I’m with you. I have been doing Trim Healthy Mamma for two months now. I am ready to start getting creative with some of the family favorites to make them more healthy! Lets have some fun!

      • Shelby says

        I have tons for recipes that I like.. the cheeseburger casserole is yummy, on p.325 the Chile Relleno Casserole is good… I love the Trim healthy pancakes (but my kids don’t care for them) the skinny chocolate is yummy! THe big boy smoothy is my go to snack in the afternoon! I also love the muffin in a mug recipes.. my fav.. is the cinnamon version one with a dab of cream cheese in the middle. I don’t have a microwave so I just bake it in the oven for 10 to 12 mins. (mostly because I don’t let the oven pre heat! haha)

  7. Kim says

    Do you want us to particularly be using Trim Healthy Mama to be able to join in on the link-up, or just be working on eating healthy and exercising?

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