Last week I finished one of the books on my “reading list” for this year- The Five Love Languages of Children, by Drs. Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell. I’ve heard about the concept of “the five love languages” for years but never really knew much about it. After reading this book, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Drs. Chapman and Campbell explain the view that all humans speak a primary “love language”; that is, we receive and give love in one of five expressions or “languages”: Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, and Acts of Service.

Understanding and learning to “speak” the love language of your child or children is an important key in winning their hearts while they are young, and keeping the lines of communication open during adolescence.

Chapman and Campbell expound on each of the five love languages, share how to discover your children’s love language, offer tips for creatively communicating love in a particular “language”, and relate briefly how to apply the concept of love languages in marriage. (I look forward to reading The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Love to your Mate for more on that!).

Other helpful topics covered in The Five Love Languages for Children:

  • the importance of keeping your child’s emotional “love tank” filled


  • the danger of loving conditionally vs. unconditionally



  • discipline and the love languages



  • learning and the love languages



  • dealing with and helping children overcome anger



  • love languages in a single parent home


This book opened my eyes to so many aspects of effective parenting, especially in regards to developing a lasting, loving relationship with our children. Discovering that Amy’s love language is “quality time” puts a new importance on her need for one-on-one attention with both her daddy and me. I look forward to learning Emily and Keith’s love languages as they grow and develop!

As with most books, I can’t say that I agreed 100% with every written word (it’s not the Bible, after all!). I do feel that I gleaned much wisdom from this book and wouldn’t hesitate to whole heartedly recommend it to other parents.


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