This eBook is a collection of some of my favorite do-it-yourself recipes and tutorials.  Includes nearly 50 pages of money-saving recipes, tutorials, and concoctions that will nourish and nurture both you and your family!


Features tutorials and recipes for toxin-free household cleaners and laundry detergent;


body and beauty products;


healthy, herbal remedies;


nourishing tidbits for little people;


tips and hints for the savvy homemaker, and more!




What others are saying about The DIY Guide:




“If you add up all the money you’ll save while using even half of the ideas Kristy mentions in this book, I think the savings would be significant.”  {Laura @ Heavenly Homemakers}


“The cleaner recipes in the DIY Guide really work and the hand salve? It’s the only thing that seems to keep my hands from cracking this dry winter.” {Jacinda @ Growing Home}



Purchase The DIY Guide for just $4.95!


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