I grew up helping my mom and sister in the kitchen nearly every day.

Although I was comfortable in the kitchen when I married, learning to cook with whole foods was a challenge I wasn’t quite prepared for as a  fledgling wife and mother.  As I grew to understand the health and budget perks of preparing meals without prepared foods, I realized I was on quite an adventure!

As I became familiar with “whole ingredients” versus their processed and packaged counter-parts, my meals took on a new “normal”.  Yes, we can now enjoy casseroles without canned soups, breakfast without boxed cereals, pizza without prepared dough and sauces, and cakes without store-bought mixes… but it took me a few years to get here!


Now I’m a mother with young daughters, and I am privileged to give my girls a foundation in whole foods meal preparation at an early age.




Follow me over to Raising Homemakers to see how truly simple it is to prepare- and allow our budding cooks to help prepare- a nutritious meal from scratch with whole foods!



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