Hi friends!  Today I’m over at Hip Homeschool Moms, sharing a few thoughts on wearing that “so you’re a homeschool mom” label.  You know the one. 😉

Tomorrow, Monica will be back with more of her Joyful Homeschooling mini series, but for today, here’s a peek at what I shared at Hip Homeschool Mom:

Evidently there’s a label or stigma out there.  Maybe she’s the one with fifty kids, a limo-long van, messy hair and frumpy clothes… I’m not sure, because I know that doesn’t describe me.  😉

But really?  What does a homeschooling mom supposedly look like?  And why are we afraid of “looking that like”… whatever that is? 

So I Look Like a Homeschool Mom.  So What?

As I’ve pondered the whole “homeschool mom label” thing, I thought about the homeschooling moms in my circle of friends.  We are a diverse group, representing various backgrounds, church affiliations and personalities…

I wouldn’t say that any of us necessarily “look alike”.  We live according to our personal convictions, dress according to personal style and taste, and, honestly, I don’t think we really even think about it.

We just are, and we let each other be.

And I think that’s exactly how the Lord wants us to live.

As home educators, we all share some common ground, common values.  But we are not all cut out of the same mold, and neither should we be.  There is room for diversity, room for individuality, and room for growth.

Maybe I get that, and maybe you get it.  Maybe your friends and family and the clerk at Wal-mart don’t get it.

Maybe they lump you into a broad category of “that kind of mom”.  Maybe they slap labels on your head.

I say, who cares?

Let people lump and label.  You don’t have to get offended or prove them wrong.  Just be yourself.  

Forget the labels.  Actually, let me rephrase that: REFUSE the labels.

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I’m happy to be on the writing team at HHM!  I’d love for you to join me there today.



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2 thoughts on “So I Look Like a Homeschool Mom…

  1. I *am* that mom. 50 kids (okay, 9), a limo length van, and I don’t spend much time on how I look. But I’m busy doing what I love, and that’s what matters.

    Posted on May 16, 2015 at 10:14 am
    1. Keep up the good work, Mama! You have a high calling and you’re doing a great job!

      Posted on May 21, 2015 at 4:33 am