Thanks for your response to my last post, ladies. 

I enjoyed hearing from you, responding to your feedback, and really appreciated all the “shares”.

I’m wrapping up the week with something a little different… instead of the handful of “weekend reads” I usually share, I’ve rounded up quite a list of fantastic articles pertaining to marriage and sexuality.

This is Valentine’s Day weekend, so obviously I’m thinking about romance in that context.  But the bigger picture in my mind is helping women- starting with myself- sort through the sexual muck in our culture and clearly grasp what Biblical sexuality looks like. 

Reclaiming Biblical Sexuality in Your Marriage {Weekend Reads}

Maybe I’ll share more thoughts on that next week, but for now… 

If you’re a married woman, I believe you’ll glean a lot of wisdom, encouragement, and truth from these articles.

If you’re not married, I hope that what’s shared here will set a high water mark in your life for what a healthy, Biblical marriage should look like.

It’s time we reclaim Biblical sexuality in our lives, ladies!  

 To get started, please check out these three excellent posts…


More reads for your weekend

(You can always pin this post and come back to it later, since there are so many links in this list!).  If you find these posts helpful or encouraging, please share! 


Biblical Sexuality for Wives

Is Sex a Priority (or an After-thought) in Your Marriage?  by Jess Connell.

5 Reasons to Make Love (Even Though You’re Tired) by Jess Connell.

Sexuality: What it Should Be by Jaimie Ramsey

Marriage Defined– is homosexuality a sin? great post by Jaimie Ramsey

The Talk: 7 Steps to Introducing Your Child to Biblical Sexuality @ Intoxicated on Life

3 Ways to Make Your Sex Life Incredible @ Your Thriving Family

The Intimate Side of Marriage @ For Journey’s Sake


Real Life Marriage

Why I Didn’t Choose a Marriage That Would Make Me Happy @ Equipping Godly Women

Laughing Together: Choosing to be Joyful & Thankful in Marriage @ The Young Wife’s Guide

Top 10 Reasons for Divorce @ Whole Intentions

Marriage Advise to the Woman in a Good Marriage @ Imperfect Homemaker

Imperfect Marriage by Jaimie Ramsey

10 Myths About Getting Married Young @ The Young Wife’s Guide

Should Getting Married Before 25 Be Illegal? @ The Young Wife’s Guide

The Surprises of Marriage @ Feminine Adventures

A Hollywood Marriage versus a Biblical Marriage @ For Journey’s Sake


Building Your Marriage

Heart-to-Heart Time: 50 Questions to Ask @ Intoxicated on Life

Lifted Up in Your Child’s Eyes @ Your Thriving Family

Are There Termites In Your Marriage? @ For Journey’s Sake

Criticism: Marriage Toxin by Jaimie Ramsey

10 Ways for a Man to Encourage His Woman by Jaimie Ramsey

To Be Beautiful for My Husband by Jaimie Ramsey


Overcoming Hurdles to Intimacy

Postpartum Intimacy: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly @ Intimate Truths

How Good Communication Leads to Greater Intimacy in Marriage @ The Humbled Homemaker

Connecting With Your Spouse in an Over-Connected World @ The Humbled Homemaker

Building Trust in Marriage When He Has a Porn Past by Luke & Trisha

Husbands Who Watch Porn @ Intoxicated on Life


Beautiful Love Stories

He Restores @ The Humbled Homemaker (fantastic read!)

Our Story by Paula @ Whole Intentions

Valentine’s Day Tribute to My Husband @ The Encouraging Home

Jaimie’s Love Story, part one, part two, part three

Why I Don’t Regret Our Frugal Wedding, Eleven Years Later @ Smithspirations

A Tribute to Three Decades of Love @ Feminine Adventures


If you need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for your husband, check out this ReKindling Romance kit from Jami!  

I think your man will love it!  😉

Re-Kindling Romance in Your Marriage, from The Young Wife's Guide

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