Today, six friends and I are writing a series called Put the Phone Down! Our hope and prayer is to draw to your attention the importance of one-on-one relationships with those around you, without the distraction of a phone and/or computer.

In closing, you will find a list of lovely ladies and their individual “Put the Phone Down” topics. 

My topic is “teacher”, because I am a homeschooling mama (teacher!).  And because homeschooling mamas get distracted.  Easily.  By phones and computers and just about everything else.  🙂


Last year, I really struggled with homeschooling.  I already told you about that.  I did the best I felt I could with a (sickly) newborn, sleep deprivation, a move, and a bunch of other distractions.

I earned an “E” for effort, but it was far from satisfactory.

This year, I was determined things would change.  I would change.  And I did change.  And things changed.  This past semester of homeschooling has probably been the most rewarding one we’ve had so far in our  homeschooling journey.

I did just two things differently this year than I’ve ever done before:

I changed my attitude, and I got rid of distractions.

I am a woman with a one-track mind.  Whatever I’m doing at the moment tends to consume me.  This can be both a good thing (I really focus on whatever I am doing) and a bad thing (I do not handle distractions well, thus the need to eliminate them as much as possible).

Life is always full of the unexpected; interruptions, distractions, delays.  Those should be taken in stride and with a generous dose of flexibility.

However, many distractions are self-inflicted.  Such as texting Susie Q during phonics, or writing a “quick email” during a math lesson.