Dear Young Pastor’s Wife,

I started out young, too. Twenty-three.

I remember the cold winter day when our brand new congregation helped my husband unload our U-Haul and move all of our worldly possessions (we didn’t even own a couch) into the parsonage of our first church.

I guess I was too silly to feel scared, but I did feel a little lonely when my in-laws drove away that weekend and left our tiny family standing on the steps of our new home.

The only thing I remember from our first Sunday service was the ugly little flower “arrangement” on the communion table in front of the pulpit. I mentioned to my husband that maybe I should replace it with something more attractive for the holidays (I was the pastor’s wife now, after all).

My husband suggested that I leave it alone, and that was the beginning of our first decade in ministry.

An Open Letter to Young Pastor's Wives | by Kristy, 31 Days of Grace for Pastor's Wives

I’m thirty-three now, and I still notice ugly little flower arrangements on communion tables.

Thankfully, I’ve learned a few things in ten years of ministry with my husband, and the main thing is that I still have a lot to learn!

I have a huge heart for pastor’s wives, particularly young ones. Why?

Well, because there aren’t a whole lot of willing mentors out there for you to learn from. (Sad, but true.)

Another reason: because I know you might be feeling unprepared, maybe a tiny bit scared, and certainly a little lonely out there by yourself.

Let me pour a cup of tea for you and let’s just sit and chat about it for a few minutes. I have a few things to tell you..




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