This beautiful post by Audrey Broggi, mother of five children, blessed me this week.  I can personally identify with this struggle– to keep the “one thing that is needful” (Luke 10) in perspective.  

Very often I am overcome by the daily grind and the balancing act of “being a good homemaker” (as defined by me) and meeting the emotional and spiritual (not just physical) needs of my busy little family. 

The theme of “one thing” has resonated in my heart for several months now… Audrey’s words beautifully articulate my own passions, aspirations, and struggles as a young mother.   


Today, as I look out through the glass smeared with still active little hand prints, instead of sighing and thinking how difficult it is to maintain a clean home, I am thanking God for smudged windows. When I hear loud voices calling “Mom,” I am thanking God for the noise. I find God renews my perspective in little ways…

Through muddy shoes, camouflage clothing, and even quarrels among my children. They all remind me that my children are alive and well and that God is at work in our home.

So what if my house is a little cluttered, a little noisy, and a little smudged? Far better for my windows to be smeared than the souls of my children. And just as hand prints were left on my windowpane, so I hope to leave eternal imprints of God on my children’s hearts…

When Martha complained to Jesus about Mary leaving her to do all the serving alone, Jesus replied, “Martha, Martha, you are cumbered about so many things; but only one is needful, and Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

The good part was sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to the Lord’s word. That’s what the Scripture says and that’s what Mary was doing.

So today, instead of being distracted with those messy hand prints or those noisy voices, I choose to see and hear them as precious. They cause me to sit at the feet of Jesus, thanking Him for those who make them. Thanking Him for the chance to leave hand prints on the souls of my children.

 I would rather have my children remember me as the mom who smiled a lot, who expressed love with my eyes, who was pleased at the sheer sight of them- because I spent time sitting at the feet of Jesus- than the mom who always frowned and complained, who continually whined about the lack of help, who was worried and bothered about so many things.

Only one thing is needful. And I choose the good part which cannot be taken away from me. 


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