Meet Kristy

Hi there, I'm Kristy!  The crazy dreamer behind the blog.

I tend to be a human "doing" instead of a human "being"... so my first inclination is to tell you everything I do. (Which, honestly, is quite a bit on most days!)

But, since we're going to be friends, I'll just get real with you and share a few things about who I am.

Maybe you'll relate to a few of these random facts about my family and my personality?

On the color code, I’m Red (69%). Take away: I'm driven and task-oriented.

According to the Meyer Briggs personality profile, I'm INTJ. Takeaway: I'm an over-thinker and introvert.

I have five amazing, creative, busy kids.

I homeschool the aforementioned kids, and let me tell you I’m not cut out for it!

Me being silly with my two daughters, Miss A and Miss E!
Me being silly with my two daughters, Miss A and Miss E!

I’m a pastor’s wife.

I love my home. 

Most of our family is gluten-free.

People usually assume that since I have five kids and I homeschool, I must be super patient. I’m not patient.

I’m married to a wise and wonderful Mr Steady guy. He is patient!

I'm an idealist and a dreamer who loves to skim over the details and get to the big stuff. 🙂

I'm an avid reader.  Sally Clarkson's books have nearly taken over my bookshelves.

I enjoy music a lot.  Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, Josh Groban.

I play the piano, but find sight reading very tedious.

I know all about homeschooling a strong-willed child.  So does my mom.

I love rainy days, Christmas, and cold weather. 

I'm articulate.  Processing life and then expressing myself through words, written and spoken, has always come pretty naturally for me.

Don't ask about my math skills.  Or sewing skills.  Or lack thereof.

Our family lives in a big, old fixer-upper house on two acres in North Texas.

I enjoy country living, as long as I'm within driving distance of some really awesome shopping. 🙂

I feel really loved when you do things and buy things for me.  Wait!  Did I just say that out loud?

My kids feel really loved when I spend time with them.  Lots and lots of time.

My husband feels really loved when I think he's awesome.  He IS awesome!

I think I could live off coffee, hot tea, chocolate, WiFi and good books. And ocassionally, sleep.

Our family doesn’t own a microwaveWe're weird like that.

I have no sense of direction.  What. So.  Ever.

I’m not a people pleaser.  That is both a good and a bad thing!

I'm a ThriverLiterally and, well, literally.  Right here.

Nothing is as exhausting to me as having to be perfect, or pretend that my life is perfect.

I am learning more and more about the unconditional, perfect love of Jesus.  It is changing everything about me as a wife and mom and woman!

My passion is just being real with other women. 

This blog right here is very much about creating a safe place for other women to feel understood, affirmed, inspired and loved. Because that's exactly what I desperately need, too!

I would love to connect with you in one of my private Facebook groups!


I am older than I ever thought I would live to be... and enjoying every minute of 35!

I tend to be slightly OCD... my husband and kids are helping me get over that.

I like quick hair do's, short lines, long books and slow mornings. 

My favorite colors are pink and red. I'm a February baby, so go figure!

Kristy- 35 years old!

A few random things I've done in my 36 years:

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