Every birth is amazing and every baby is a miracle. I treasure the precious moments following the birth of each of our three children, but the birth of our son last week- which was our first home birth- was especially amazing.

Our first two children were born in a hospital under the care of a medical doctor; I have no reason to criticize either the medical field or those who choose to use it. And I realize that a home birth is not possible for every woman or every pregnancy. But for the interest of those who may simply be curious as to how a home birth “works”, and for the encouragement of those who may be contemplating a home birth, here is the story of our son’s birth- at home.


Deciding to Use a Midwife

Giving birth to a baby in my home was something I honestly never dreamed I would do. In fact, it ranked up there with bungee jumping and para sailing (I’m paranoid of heights, by the way.) Aside from one of my aunts who used a midwife and gave birth to most of her 8 children at home, no one in my family had ever done such a thing… at least not in the past 100 years!

So how did my husband and I come to contemplate and even embrace a home birth?

After the birth of our first two children in “normal” hospital settings, Jeremy and I became increasingly uncomfortable with some of the procedures and philosophies of modern medicine. I received very little help from either of my doctors regarding pregnancy issues and, to be honest, we felt that we were getting very little back in return for the absorbent amount we were paying to have a “professional” bring our babies into the world.

We both decided that “next time” we would consider using a midwife instead of a medical doctor, and I began praying that the Lord would guide us to the right care giver when the time arrived.

We discovered I was expecting our third child last August; that very day Jeremy searched the internet and found out that there were 2 midwives in our area. This came as a pleasant surprise since we lived in very rural area. After speaking and meeting with a midwife from a nearby community, we felt confident that this was what the Lord was directing us to do.


We had originally hoped that our baby could be born in a birth clinic, but the nearest one is nearly a 2 hour drive. A simple lack of options settled the question regarding where the baby would be born- a home birth it would be!


As the months passed, we were more and more impressed with the care I received from my midwife, as well as her adherence to all the details of my health and the baby’s. Any time I had a question, she was just a phone call or email away; I felt like I had a tailor-made care giver at my beck and call!

I discovered that so many of the discomforts I’d endured with my previous pregnancies- backaches and varicose veins, just to name two- were, for the most part, curable with the right supplements and exercises. I actually felt better the third time around than I had with my second pregnancy!

As the time for our son’s birth drew closer, Jeremy and I felt very peace about the birth. We received lots of questions from curious- and worried- friends and family regarding an out-of-hospital birth, but the issue was very settled in our minds. I prayed that the Lord would use our son’s at-home birth to help concerned friends and loved ones realize that a home birth really does work. God answered our prayer so faithfully!

To be continued…


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