As a mama with two in cloth diapers, I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep our diapering routine as convenient and user-friendly as possible. I thought I’d share some of the ideas that have worked well for me.


Here’s tip numero uno:


Have a wet bag or two… or three.







I only recently purchased my first wet bag from Nurtured Family… now I can’t imagine life without one!! In fact, I liked my wet bag so well that I bought another one to keep in the diaper bag (and a larger one to use as a hanging diaper pail in the laundry room, but more on that later). These bags are super user-friendly and oh-so convenient!!


Here are a few things I love about using wet bags:


  • They have a zip closure so they effectively contain stinky diaper odors (just think, no more smelly diaper bag!).


  • They can easily be hung on a hook or door knob for home use.


  • They come in cute colors and two convenient sizes (medium and large).


  • The water-proof interior prevents diaper smells from saturating or staining the material.


  • They wash right along with your diapers… just turn them inside out and throw them in the washer.


  • They dry SO quickly! I hang mine out on the line to air dry.


I definitely recommend these wet bags if you’re a cloth diapering mama. I keep one in my diaper bag and one near Mister K’s diaper changing area- they have been a life saver!


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