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It’s Monday!

You know what that means, right? ūüôā

Well, for me it means a few things:

I’m tired. ¬†

I managed to carry a sleep deficit over the weekend, which means a nap will likely be in order today. ¬†(Read,¬†so I won’t be a grump all week. ¬†We’ll be talking about homeschool moms and yelling on Thursday, so I kind of don’t want to blow it, right?!)

My house is cluttered.

Somehow, it always happens: I deep clean on Friday, maintain on Saturday, and wake up to a pretty messy house on Monday. ¬†It’s okay… today is my catch up day.

My kids are getting around slowly.

They’re tired too! ¬†It’s nearly eight-thirty, and two of my kiddos are still in bed. ¬†No one has eaten breakfast yet. ¬†But we’re all smiling, so I guess I’m on the right track.

Minister's Wife Monday @ Kristy's Cottage blog | a weekly column for pastor's wives

I feel very tempted to STRESS OUT over what needs to be done today.  

Because I know I only have twenty four hours to get everything back on track so we can hit the ground running on Tuesday with homeschooling.  Or, do I have to really get everything done today?  Maybe I need to prioritize?  Set goals for the week, not just the day?

Honestly, Mondays can be tough.  

And not just for me, the homeschooling mom/pastor’s wife/homemaker/blogger.

For you, too.  We all face a demanding week after a busy weekend.

And we can all choose to embrace it with a smile and gratitude for the small things:¬†a hint of autumn in the air, fresh rain, a pretty table cloth on the table, a cup of hot tea…

I’ll be taking a break from our Minister’s Wife Monday¬†column next week. ¬†In October, I’m planning to kick off a new series- “For the Pastor’s Family.”

I love writing for ministry wives and simply sharing my life as the wife of a preacher, so I hope this series will be an encouragement to you!

For the Pastor's Family | blog series @ Kristy's Cottage blog | October 2015

I chose this picture of our family instead of using a “stock photo” because I love all the laughing faces! ¬†

I hope this sets the tone for our series, “For the Pastor’s Family.” ¬†Ministry families should enjoy life, enjoy each other, and laugh A LOT!¬†

October is one of my favorite months all around, but I especially enjoy focusing on you pastor’s wives during the month of October in honor of Clergy Appreciation Month. ¬†

I look forward to sharing my heart with you here on the blog, with encouragement just “For the Pastor’s Family.”

A beautiful, purpose-filled, joyful Monday to you, dear friends! 

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2 thoughts on “It’s Monday! {and a new series For the Pastor’s Family}

  1. We all have Monday’s like this…most weeks, in fact.

    Can’t wait to read what you have planned! Thanks, Kristy.

    Posted on September 22, 2015 at 7:27 pm
    1. Glad I’m not the only one, Mikki! ūüôā

      Thanks for reading. xoxo

      Posted on September 22, 2015 at 8:14 pm