November marks two years since I took the plunge to eat gluten-free.

I remember thinking, There just can’t be a WORSE time to change my diet!

Seriously.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I was completely at a loss to know how to navigate the holiday meal table… much less bring anything edible to it.

My first gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner consisted of turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.  It would have been fine, if not for the gluten-loaded bounty all around me!  My FIRST Thanksgiving without stuffing or pumpkin pie… 

I’ve come a long way, Mama!

Last year, I enjoyed my own homemade stuffing (leave it to a food allergy to make me decide to learn how to do it myself).  This year, I’m planning to bring pies, cookies, and whatever else I feel in the mood for baking.

After two long years of relearning how to cook, I can finally grab my old family favorite recipes and bake to my heart’s content.  That feels good!

It’s true: After a treacherous learning curve in the kitchen (if you’ve ever tried to bake gluten-free, you know I’m not exaggerating), I finally feel “at home” with gluten-free food preparation.

Am I still learning?  You’d better believe it.  I still can’t make yeast bread that will even think about rising (I couldn’t do that when I wasn’t gluten-free, come to think of it).

Occasionally, I still end up with a biscuit that falls apart when I pick it up…

But, thank heavens, that is no longer the norm at our table.

If you find yourself staring at the calendar with dread because you have no idea what you can eat or cook for the upcoming holidays, take heart!

I absolutely know you can do it, because I’m doing it.  And, honestly, I no longer mind eating gluten-free (except for the occassional craving a pillow-soft homemade roll).  For the sake of my gluten-allergic children, my passion is to provide healthy, delicious, and FUN food for our meal table, especially at the holidays.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks offering you my best gluten-free baking tips (I learned the hard way, of course), delicious, whole food recipes, and helpful resources. 

Monday, we’ll start out with a very necessary component of gluten-free baking…

A gluten-free flour blend you can mix or grind yourself… and use with just about ANY recipe.

Stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Introducing “Gluten-free Holiday Baking”

  1. Yay! My youngest needs to be gluten-free and I feel bad for here when she can’t have this or can’t have that. (Though I have to say, she responds fine. We just bring along her own snacks from the store. ) BUT I’d love to be able to make her own stuff rather than always buy her baked goods and special foods. This will be a big help during the holiday months for us!

    Posted on November 3, 2012 at 9:23 am
    1. I know how you feel, Mama! Three of our four children are gluten-free, and sometimes it’s tough to keep their morale up, especially when others get wheat treats at parties or church. The fact that I am also allergic to gluten helps… “Mama can’t eat it, either!”
      I hope the recipes I’ll be sharing are a blessing.

      Posted on November 3, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Posted on November 3, 2012 at 9:17 am
    1. I trust it will be a good one! I had a wonderful friend help me through that first season of eating gluten-free… I would love to help another mama navigate the holiday meal table with confidence.

      Posted on November 3, 2012 at 12:26 pm
  3. Exciting! I look forward to this.

    Posted on November 3, 2012 at 8:51 am
    1. Thank you, Shanna! You’re a sweetie. 🙂

      Posted on November 3, 2012 at 12:26 pm