Resources for Homeschoolers

I’m a second generation homeschooler. 


I’m a mama in the trenches.


I’m a woman with a passion to learn, right along with my little ones, what it means to live for Jesus Christ in this topsy turvy culture.



Here are the very best homeschooling resources I have discovered along this journey:


{Curriculum & Resources}



Our family loves Vision Forum and uses many of their products on a regular basis.


Christ Centered Curriculum, by Doreen Claggett.


My Father’s World (curriculum)

Critical Thinking Company- Mathematical Reasoning (curriculum)

A-Z Bible Verses (excellent for preschoolers!)

Enchanted Learning printables (many are free)


Homeschooled Kids Online (printables)



Encouraging Books:


Managers of Their Schoolwork, by Steve and Teri Maxwell, gave me a fresh vision for homeschooling- and the tools to make it work!


Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit, by Teri Maxwell, another must-read for the homschooling mother. This book changed my life.

{Articles I have written on Homeschooling}

Why I’m Not Cut Out to Be a Homeschool Mom, Part 1

Why I’m Not Cut Out to Be a Homeschool Mom, Part 2

Will the Super Mom Please Stand Up?


Favorite Learning Manipulatives



Our Homeschool Schedule


Small Home Homeschooling


Recommended Resources for Autumn



{Favorite Homeschooling Blogs}


Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling

Free Homeschool Deals

Under the Golden Apple Tree

In the Nursery of the Nation

Growing Home



the Natural Cottage Mama

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