Nine weeks of homeschooling.  That’s what I have down in the books for this school year so far.


We started our school year in June, about two months after the birth of our Baby Boy.  Wheeeew… homeschooling with four kiddos and a new born has thrown me for a learning curve for sure.







If you ever entertain the idea that homeschool moms are Super Women, just drop by my house on a week day and you’ll be convinced otherwise.

Just be prepared for your shoes to stick to the floor as you walk through the kitchen.  The dining room table will be the piece of furniture hidden beneath the pile of books, papers, craft supplies, baby blankets, and toys, by the way.  It’s there, I promise.  You just can’t see it most days.


I took the plunge this school year and embraced a whole new world of eclectic and Charlotte Mason homeschooling.  I am so at home with My Father’s World.  







This curriculum fits my free-style spirit so well, I don’t think I’ll ever turn back!  If you’re a fellow My Father’s World mama, please be sure and link up at my MFW Blogroll!






Are you homeschooling this year?  How is it going? 



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One thought on “Homeschooling At Our House {September}

  1. Had a newborn last year and three other grades, give yourself grace :). I reminded myself, sometimes daily, that His grace was sufficient. I think God used it to open my eyes to what was really important. Our son was extremely colicky, so there were days when I hadn’t slept that school was put to the side in favor of down time, reassurance to the other children that this would pass, and just stop and breathe in the presence of Jesus as we made it one day at a time. It has come full circle this year and I am so thankful we do homeschool. We need to finish up some things from last year, but within another year we will be where I would like them to be, God willing. Sometimes though I have come to find that God’s timetable is not mine, but His is better. So my advice to you, just breathe in those baby scents, watch those precious older children learn about babies and the blessings that come with siblings, and enjoy this time. God bless!

    Posted on October 7, 2013 at 9:31 pm