Our family is blessed to receive homeopathic care from Barbara Konwent, a Cassical Certified Homeopath, and one of the leading homeopaths in the state of Texas.

Two of our sons have received abundant help with their allergies, digestive trouble, and related health issues through homeopathy.  Homeopathy played a key role in helping me overcome IBS and depression, helped our one of our children with bed wetting and constipation issues, and another child with a depressed immune system.

Barbara works with many children on the autistic spectrum and  sees good results with improved speech and behavior.

I can’t recommend Barbara highly enough!

Barbara treats clients from all over the world via Skype; to set up an initial consultation, please see the contact information below.

Barbara Konwent, CCH:

Hamilton practice: 222 N. Bell Street, Hamilton, TX 76531

phone: 254-216-0447

email: bkhomeopathy {at} yahoo {dot} com