As a mama with five young children, I know exactly how important it is for kids to get enough sleep!

Sufficient rest is vital for a healthy immune and nervous system, brain function, energy levels, and overall health.

But what about kids who have poor sleeping habits, are high-strung, or who just can’t seem to wind down at the end of the day?

Nearly six years ago, I reach a point of desperation with my kids’ sleeping patterns.  I had a five-year old who just couldn’t fall asleep at naps or bedtime, a two-year old who still wasn’t sleeping through the night, and a newborn who (of course) was waking up every few hours.  Most nights, I was up multiple times with both my two-year old and my baby.  I felt desperate to find a way to help my kids (and myself!) get better rest!

Our family’s need for better sleep sent me on a quest to find natural solutions, and I’m happy to say that I’ve discovered many answers over the years.

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