It’s a rainy, Saturday afternoon.

I’m relishing a bit of quiet while my five children nap upstairs, all the while pondering whether or not I should

take a few minutes to de-clutter the house (who am I kidding? that would take hours!),

write out next week’s homeschool lesson plans,

tackle the laundry,

answer emails,

write out the grocery list

or plan the Sunday dinner menu.

Ah, so many choices.

I usually just opt for another cup of coffee… 🙂

Balancing life as a homeschooling mom, homemaker, blogger, sister, friend and pastor’s wife is just plain crazy.  Even on my most productive days, I never get it all done.

After surviving six insanely busy week days, Sunday always looms ahead of me as THE WORK DAY OF the WEEK (in the pastor’s home anyway).

If we didn’t have to wear clean clothes and eat on Sundays, well maybe things wouldn’t be so crazy.  🙂

But we do, so it is.

If you relate to any of the nonsense I just wrote, then maybe you’re an insanely busy pastor’s wife and mom, too. Or maybe you’re just an insanely busy woman who goes to church on Sunday and needs some fresh inspiration for that occasion called Sunday Dinner.

I have twenty-five Sunday morning friendly slow cooker recipes to share with you today.  I hope these will bless your Sunday socks right off… and give you a break so you can squeeze in that extra cup of coffee while the kids are still napping.

Because, Sunday’s coming, Mama!  You’d better get ready for it.

Here’s to your slightly less hectic Sunday morning…

25 Sunday Morning Friendly Slow Cooker Meals | Kristy's Cottage blog

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1. Crockpot White Chicken Chili @ Imperfect Homemaker

2. Easy Pulled Pork (Oven or Crock Pot) @ Back to the Book Nutrition

3. Classic Chicken and Noodle Soup & Homemade Broth Recipe@ Back to the Book Nutrition

4. Crock Pot Sweet Potatoes @Back to the Book Nutrition

5. Real Texas Chili @ Back to the Book Nutrition

6. Red Hot Pot Roast Measuring Flower

7. Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos Measuring Flower

8. Sweet Pork Barbacoa Measuring Flower

9. Crock Pot Clam Chowder (with sneaky veggies) @ A New England Life

10. Crock Pot Rotisseri Style Chicken @ Blessings Overflowing

11. Roast, Potatoes & Carrots @ Blessings Overflowing

12. Crock Pot Beef Stew Blessings Overflowing

13. Swiss Steak & Round Steak @ Blessings Overflowing

14. Pork Chops with Gravy @ Blessings Overflowing

15. Make Ahead Mother’s Day Lunch @ Blessings Overflowing

16. Crock Pot Vegetable Soup @ Blessings Overflowing

17. Crock Pot Chili @ Blessings Overflowing

18. Crock Pot Roast Beef @ Blessings Overflowing

19. Little Italy Soup @ Kristy’s Cottage

20. Cheesy Chicken Soup @ Kristy’s Cottage

21. Easy Chicken & Dumplin’s @ Kristy’s Cottage

22. Beef & Barley Soup (Kristy’s guest post @ Raising Homemakers)

23. Comforting Winter Soup @ Kristy’s Cottage

24. Mexican Chili (with black beans) @ Kristy’s Cottage

25. Easy and Tangy Slow Cooker Beef Roast@ Smithspirations


Mexican Chili with Black Beans @ Kristy's Cottage


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  1. Can a Pastor’s Wife Have a Career?
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Tomorrow, we’ll tackle the issue of pastor’s wives, little ones, and Sunday services. 

See ya tomorrow morning, bright and early (bring your cup of coffee!) I’ll be here around 6 a.m. (CST) with a dose of grace and encouragement for your day.


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One thought on “Sunday-morning-friendly Slow Cooker Meals

  1. Thank you for sharing these, Kristy! I am needing to get better at meal planning, I’ll have a great streak and then stop! I definitely need to be more consistent 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I pray you and your family are able to have some rest soon from the busyness of life!

    Posted on March 23, 2015 at 10:08 am