Here’s my frugal AND healthy tip for the day:

Our homeopathic doctor, Barbara Konwent (an absolutely awesome lady!), shared this recipe with me this past week… I tried it this morning for breakfast and LOVED it!! It’s a super healthy yet inexpensive way to get those extra nutrients we need to get the day started off right!

The term “green drink” doesn’t always go over well, since a lot of people associate healthy with “yucky”. This tasty treat is just another example that what it IS possible for food to be healthy AND absolutely delicious!

Barbara’s Morning Shake

A mixture of super green powders, herbs, non-dairy probiotics which support a healthy diet, provides additional antioxidants, helps to gently detoxify your body, stimulates immune function, and shows energy enhancing properties. For this shake, start with 1/4 tsp of green superfood (Progreens, Juice Plus, Barley Green, etc) in 8 oz juice in the morning. Slowly increase to 1 tsp.

1 C juice (I used apple juice, orange juice is great, too)

fruit (I used a banana and some fresh strawberries I had frozen)

1/4 tsp green food (I used Barley Greens, since that is what I have on hand)

1 TBSP ground flax seeds

1 TBSP wheat germ

I also added 2 scoops of FiberWise, which boosted my drink with an additional 12 grams of fiber.

Mix all ingredients together in a blender or smoothie maker for several minutes, until drink is frothy and smooth. Enjoy!

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