I’ve been shopping at our local farmer’s market on a weekly basis for a few months now.

I love the idea of purchasing fresh, locally grown produce.

To my knowledge, our farmer’s market doesn’t sell organic produce, but the fruits and veggies we bring home are always fresh and delicious.

I always feel like I am getting quality products and a good deal.

But today– I came home doing the happy dance!!

Here is what I scooped up at Hardwick’s Farmer’s Market in Eastland County– for a whopping ten dollars.

Savings at the Farmer's Market | Kristy's Cottage blog

1 head cabbage, 99-cents

2 bunches/full bags of spinach, 99-cents (sale)

2 bunches (6 full stalks) of broccoli, 99-cents (sale)

5 lemons, $1

1 large slicing cucumber, 50-cents

onions, 49-cents per lb

24 lbs bananas, $5

Yes, you read that last one right.

I bought five bags of overripe bananas for one dollar per bag. I came home and weighed my loot– 24 pounds of bananas!

At five dollars, I figured I only paid around 21-cents per pound.

Not bad, when our local super market is charging nearly three times that much per pound.

I froze most of the bananas to use for breakfast smoothies, banana bread and whatever else I can think of.

Since the flesh is still good beneath a lot of those black peels, I popped a few in the fridge for the kids to eat with their granola in the morning.

The rest of my goodies will be enjoyed in veggie trays, slaw, salads, and other yummies during the week.

Where do you purchase your fresh produce?

Do you buy locally? Grow your own?

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