I’m just a common mama, so I feel pretty silly creating a FAQ page. 

BUT, I hear these questions a lot from personal friends, as well as ladies who read this blog, so I thought I’d put my thoughts and opinions out there (imagine that!).  Just in case you’ve ever wondered, ya know!

I blog about everything from ministry and homeschooling to whole foods and home birth, so the topics are all over the place.  Kind of like my brain waves on a normal day.  🙂

Here we go… answers to the questions you may or may not ever have asked-

Pastor’s Wife Stuff

——–> My husband/fiancé is about to go into full-time ministry and I’m scared to death!  What do I need to know about being a pastor’s wife?

You need to decide more than know two things:

1. You are embracing this calling along with your husband.

2. You will choose to love people because you love Christ (because sometimes you will not feel like loving people, trust me on that one!).

I write a lot about ministry because it’s such a huge part of my life as a pastor’s wife.  You can check out my page just for pastor’s wives here, as well as my post, 10 Things Every Young Pastor’s Wife Needs to Know.

——–> I’m a pastor’s wife and I feel so lonely.  How can I connect with other pastor’s wives? 

Loneliness is a very real issue for pastor’s wives.  You’re not alone in your loneliness, if that helps you feel any better!

If you feel disconnected and hungry for friendship, I’d love for you to check out my Facebook group, Pastor’s Wives at Kristy’s Cottage.

——–> How can I find a Titus 2 mentor? 

I believe that young women are searching for mentors and role models.  Unfortunately, those can be hard to find!

I wrote a post called How to Find a Titus 2 Mentor, and I also have a page featuring Titus2 Mentoring articles and resources right here.

——–> What kind of church does your husband pastor? 

Jeremy is a licensed Assemblies of God minister. He graduated from Ozark Bible Institute in 2001, and has served in ministry as a senior pastor since December 2004.


Natural Mama Stuff

——–> I’m considering a home birth but I’m scared!  How can I get prepared?

I was scared too!  Knowledge is power, so educate yourself all you can.

Here are posts I’ve written about my three home births:

6 Myths About Home Births

Home Birth Q & A

How to Prepare Your Body for a Natural Birth

How to Prepare for a Home Birth

I Want a Home Birth… but Hubby Doesn’t!

Why a Home Birth?

Deciding to Use a Midwife (our first home birth)

——–> What about vaccines?  Everything I read online is so controversial and confusing.

I don’t write about the vaccine issue, although I’m happy to share helpful resources for other mamas.

Here are my top reads on vaccines:

Whole Foods Stuff

——–> I want to eat healthier but I don’t even know where to begin!

——–> How did you know your kids were allergic to gluten?

——–> How do I get started with Trim Healthy Mama? 

Homeschooling Stuff

——–> I feel like I’m always falling behind with homeschooling.  How do you keep up and stay on track?

——–> Is My Father’s World a good curriculum choice?

——–> How on earth do I homeschool my strong-willed child? I’m going crazy!

——–> My child is struggling so bad with learning to read.  I think we might even be dealing with dyslexic issues.  Help!



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