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Maybe you’re like me… and you set some goals for yourself and your family this year.

And maybe you’re like me… sitting there in a tail spin, wondering how the first three weeks of  the year have slipped away… and your goals still feel like lead on your paper “to do” list! 

For many years, things like family devotions felt like something that should go on my spiritual “to do” list.

When we could mark it off the list, I felt like a great mom.  When we couldn‘t scratch it off the list, well, I felt like a huge failure.

Don’t spiritual moms do great things like “have devotions” with their kids?

Maybe you feel the need to begin a regular family devotion time.

Or, maybe you’re like my husband and me… and family devotions is a constant work-in-progress as you seek to prioritize a constantly challenging schedule.

Like most families, our household of eight (five kids, three adults) is always bustling with activities, projects, and yet another thing to start, finish, prepare for or plan.

Honestly, family devotions has sometimes felt like something else to squeeze into our busy lives… often at the end of a tiring day.

Family Devotions with Young Children: My Favorite Resources! | Kristy's Cottage blog
One of our very favorite family devotion books: Our 24 Family Ways, by Clay and Sally Clarkson. I mention this book frequently here at the blog, because I love it so much!

A little over a year ago, I made a commitment (to myself and the Lord) that I would do my best to integrate a consistent, daily devotion time with my five children during our morning school routine.

I won’t say that this has been an easy goal to stick with, or that I’ve never missed a day!

One of my biggest challenges, aside from battling the busy-ness of life, was finding a resource that really met our family’s needs.

I had two main criteria in mind when selecting a family devotion book for our young kids (now ages 12 down to 2 years old):

This resource needed to be

  1. Engaging and relatable (not boring or overly detailed!)
  2. Challenging and inspiring (not “watered down” or babyish)

I started looking for a book that was interesting, fun, and practical, yet completely Biblically sound. It took me a while to put my hands on that kind of resource, but I found a few favorite devotion resources for our family.

I shared about my top favorite family devotion books over at Our Homeschool Forum recently.  You can join me right here to read the full article.

Family Devotions with Young Children: My Favorite Resources! | Kristy's Cottage blog
I am grateful for the wonderful resources we Christian parents have at our finger tips! Our generation is abundantly blessed with “tools” for building a strong family faith.

Obviously, a “devotion book” can’t take the place of Scripture reading and memorization.  Even little ones need to hear God’s Word on a regular basis, even if it’s bite-size readings (so don’t stop reading the Bible to your kids!).

But, it’s fun to add a few colorful books in the mix with your family devotion time.  If you’re on the look out for engaging, Biblical resources for your young children, I hope you’ll check out these books.

And always keep in mind: time with God is not just another goal on your “to do” list.  Lead your children in falling in love with Jesus!

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Do you  have a favorite resource for daily or weekly family devotions? 

What would you recommend for families with young kids?

Family Devotions with Young Children: My Favorite Resources! | Kristy's Cottage blog

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One thought on “Family Devotions with Young Children: Challenges, Goals & Resources

  1. I can relate in a lot of ways. We use a resource from Rod & Staff. It works for us and we love it. We also loved Proverbs with the Millers. We would read these at night. They were quick, funny, but very thought provoking. They are Mennonite based but my children loved it. My husband read it to them and then we discussed the short and simple questions. Thanks for sharing your resources.

    Posted on January 21, 2016 at 8:31 pm