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I’m tackling another Q&A today: this time,

Does working from home really work?  Is it actually possible to make an income as a stay-at-home mom?

The short answer: yes, it is.

I have many friends who work-from-home, and quite successfully I might add.

Some own large blogs and write or edit nearly full time. My friend, Meagan, who is a R.N., stays home to homeschool her four little boys and is a successful blogger and editor.

Others design, or tutor, or sell beautiful creations online.  Melinda Martin Publishing, Joyful Notes With Julie, and Dara Lorraine Stationery are a few successful entrepreneurs in my personal acquaintance.

The long answer: well, that’s my story, and what this post is all about. 🙂

Q & A: Does Working from Home Actually Work? | Kristy's Cottage blog

About two years ago, Jeremy sat down with me in our living room and told me the not-so-pleasant truth about our finances:

With his notebook in hand, he shared that what we were making with our ministry salary was covering our monthly budget, but with little room to spare for any “extra” expenses.

We brainstormed ways to trim back our modest budget, then discussed possible avenues of bringing in extra income.

Both of us enjoy entrepreneurial ventures, so we began to explore our options.  Honestly, those options seemed pretty slim!

For about a year, Jeremy worked the night shift at a local Fed Ex warehouse. On top of his pastoral responsibilities during the day, that job turned out to be nearly a killer!

Eventually, Jeremy discovered another avenue for bringing in income via one of his great passions- buying and selling livestock.  That’s a good fit for a country-loving man in Fort Worth, Texas!  We were both glad for him to say good-bye to the night shift job.

As for me, I kept my eyes open for any work-from-home opportunities that suited my skills and interests. 

As much as I love to write and communicate, blogging full time (as a career) just didn’t feel like a sustainable option for me, at least not during such a busy season of motherhood.

I love health and nutrition, and even considered becoming a Certified Family Herbalist.  Time constrictions closed that door.  And how would I make money being an herbalist anyway?

My mind hashed through at least a million ideas, but the reality of actually being a work-from-home mom felt pretty unattainable for a while.

In May 2015, the Lord literally threw an opportunity into my lap, although it took me a while to recognize it as such.

5 Top Things I Did for My Health as a Mom in 2015
My family on New Year’s Eve 2015. Keeping up with the many responsibilities and financial demands of a large-ish family can feel overwhelming, but God is always faithful!

My sister-in-law, Ashley, introduced me to a nutrition company she had discovered.  I knew she had experienced a huge turn around during a health crisis, so I decided to give it a try too.

(That is the very condensed version!  I blew her off for about five months because I was skeptical.)

After a few months of research and trying out this nutrition system, I became confident that it was indeed a top-of-the-line product with nutritional integrity.

I’m not an expert by any means, but I know enough about the world of nutrition and vitamins to recognize that there are a lot of “natural” products out there that don’t deliver on their big claims.  This company was the real deal.

Slowly, it dawned on me that I was overlooking a huge opportunity: this company offers a business model that is unlike anything I’d ever seen before in direct sales.

And, believe me, I’ve tried my hand at a few direct sales companies, and looked into many others: Melaleuca, Lilla Rose, Plexus, various essential oil companies, Usborne Books & More… all fantastic companies with high quality compensation plans.

But this company drew me in like nothing else had ever done.

Last September, I dug in and began to plug into the company’s training.  The more I learned, the more confident I became about sharing the nutrition product and pursuing the business opportunity.

Amidst a busy schedule of homeschooling, ministry needs, and family life, I slowly eeked out time to work from home.  I took a lot of notes from other moms, and my sister-in-law was a great source of inspiration and help as I learned the ropes of becoming a work-from-home mom.

Next month will mark a full year since I began working from home.

Q & A: Does Working from Home Actually Work? | Krisyt's Cottage blog
In eleven months, we have gone from being a single, ministry income family to a two income family. And, may I modestly but honestly say: my home-based income is a weekly, full time salary.

I used to wonder if working from home was a legit and doable possibility for a busy pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom like me.

I can tell you that it is completely possible.

Does this job keep me busy?  Yes, it does.

Working from home does require working. 🙂 

(Just think about all the hours you’ve poured into cleaning other people’s houses, babysitting, or selling stuff on ebay.  Yeah, me too.)

It’s true, I’ve had to learn where to cut back and how to manage my priorities. I put in anywhere from 15 to 20 hours a week working from home.

I am able to fit “working” around our family’s homeschooling and ministry schedule.  Thanks to my sweet husband, I also manage to carve out time to write and share on this blog on a weekly basis.

 I feel incredibly blessed to be able to take the skills and interests that God has given me, and run with this opportunity to bless our family’s health, as well as our finances.

If you’re a mom who finds yourself grasping at options and wondering if there’s anything you can do to help ease the financial burden for your family, yes there is.

What works for me may not be the perfect fit for you, but ask God to guide you and I am confident that He’ll do just that.

One of the many benefits of my at-home job is the provision of a family vehicle. This baby, as well as my husband's vehicle, is paid for by my job!
One of the many benefits of my at-home job is the provision of a family vehicle. This baby is one of two vehicles that are paid for by my job.

In the mean time, I invite you to check this company out It continues to be an answer to prayer for our family in so many ways.

Maybe I’ll write more about working from home in the upcoming days; or feel free to post questions in the comments section here if you’d like to learn more about being a WAHM.

I love sharing this journey with you!

Blessings, sweet friends.



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