When I first delved into the world of holistic health as a young mother, I felt empowered by a new awareness of information.

I just knew that with my new library of how to herb books, I could forever say good-bye to ear infections, fevers, stomach bugs, and the pink medicine that always seemed to accompany trips to the  pediatrician.

In the years since my journey into natural motherhood, I can honestly say that trips to the doctor have indeed become an infrequent occurance.

But that doesn’t mean my kids never get sick.  

Much to my surprise as a newbie “natural mama”, my kids still suffered with ear infections, pink eye, seasonal allergies, flu viruses, and other common maladies just like any other mother’s children.

In fact, we’ve even had our fair share of “bad stuff”, like walking pneumonia, Fifth’s disease, a baby who failed to thrive as an infant, and a strange (but benign) mole that had to be surgically removed from our four-year old daughter’s face.

The truth is, herbs, whole foods, and eco-friendly products do not immunize my children from sickness.

Natural mothering is so much more than simply not running to the doctor over every runny nose; for me, it is part of being a good steward of my health and the health of my children.

As much as I love my children, I am not in control of their health.  Many physical issues are beyond my control to prevent or change.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t learn and grow in my role as natural mama!

The gift of natural motherhood is that, despite humanity’s proneness to illness, I seldom have to rely on allopathic medicine to “cure” my little ones.  Yes, trips to the doctor are necessary from time to time, but it is the exception and not the rule.

(Finding a pediatrician who supports my preferences as a naturally-minded mother has been a huge blessing to boot!)

As a new mom, my biggest hurdle was the fear factor.  

I was afraid to NOT go to the doctor if my child was sick.  

Today, I am armed with a continually growing knowledge base of holistic remedies, nutrition facts, and healthy lifestyle habits.

Over the years, I’ve found that many of our health issues have improved or completely disappeared as a result of our improved lifestyle and diet.  (For example, my youngest two children have never had an earache or infection!)

Yes, my kids still get sick.  

Thankfully, I get to be Doctor Mom most of the time!  When we do need a doctor, we go.

Knowledge is the key, and the information to empower yourself as a natural mama is right there for the taking.  If I can learn, you can too!

Are you a natural mama? What do you do when your kids get sick?



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One thought on “Does Being a Natural Mama Mean My Kids will Never Get Sick?

  1. I’m a wanna-be. Most of the time I just feel like my brain is maxed out and I can’t possibly learn all I need to. I’m making slow progress, though, and this post truly encouraged me. Thank you, Kristy!

    Posted on July 16, 2013 at 8:23 pm