Dear Public School Teacher,

This sounds crazy, but I used to be afraid of you. 

Well, maybe afraid is a bit too strong.



Well, there are a few reasons… and I think most of my fellow homeschooling moms will relate.

We seem so different, you and I.

And sometimes differences can feel, well, scary.  And intimidating. 

Take the fact that you have a college degree, and I don’t.

(I got my Mrs. degree after one year of college.)

Or maybe because you earn a salary at your job. 

I teach for free.

You have an official title and a classroom.

My title is Mom, and I typically teach at our dining room table.

I guess I probably assume that you always have answers for your students.

I know I sure don’t.

Your job feels “real.”

People don’t always take my job seriously.

I guess all that matters is that take my job seriously. 

Dear Public School Teacher {a letter from a homeschooling mom} | Kristy's Cottage blog

The funny thing is, I’ve learned so much from you. 

Like when I ask for your ideas and input on academic struggles with my kids.

Or the many times over coffee, or a chat at church, when I pick your brain on learning and teaching styles.

And sometimes I just listen when you share about your week, and I tuck away info and tips that you share in passing.

You’re so creative, and I love that about you. 

You’re so passionate about loving and investing in kids, and, well, I am too.

Your life gets stressful at times. 

So does mine.

You need support and encouragement. 

I do too.

You’re heading into a brand new school year, and just the other day I heard you voice some misgivings about what you might be facing that’s unfamiliar.

I feel that way too. 

I guess we actually have a lot in common. 

Definitely more than I used to think!

I like that.

I like you. 

I appreciate you.

You are a big part of my life as a Mom who’s learning- and teaching- every single day. 

Let’s always be friends.


Very sincerely, 

A Homeschooling Mom

Dear Public School Teacher {a letter from a homeschooling mom} | Kristy's Cottage blog

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