Today we’ll look at a question from our last post on Cloth Diapering Basics:


Q from Krista: What do you use for a diaper pail?


Kristy’s A: I discovered Nurtured Family’s Mommy’s Touch Pail Liner several years ago and have been extremely happy with it.  I use it to line my wicker laundry hamper and simply toss it in the washer with the diapers several times a week.  It always comes out fresh and ready to use again!  Love it.   

Mommy’s Touch Pail Liner


I’ve found that plastic pails/hampers tend to absorb the smell of dirty diapers and have to be cleaned and “sunned” regularly to keep them from stinking. Even with a pail liner, plastic pails usually end up smelling like a dirty diaper.


I bought a tall, narrow, wicker laundry hamper from our local dollar store a few years ago. I store it between my washer and dryer for easy access on wash days. 


My Mommy’s Touch Pail Liner fits inside perfectly; it really is a great system!


I spray my wicker basket with a natural disinfectant and let it “air out” every now and again, just to keep it extra fresh.

Here are a few of my favorite details of the Mommy’s Touch Pail Liner:

  • It is made of PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric), a water-proof material that resists odors, is extremely durable, and dries quickly.


  • Has two elastic drawstrings for easy closing– effectively keeps soiled diaper smells contained.


  • Can double as a “hanging diaper pail”– I used it as such before I found a laundry hamper I liked.  Just hang it on a hook or large nail in the wall.


  • Stands alone when items are inside.  I use it to take my clean diapers on trips when we go out-of-town.  Very handy and versatile!


  • At just $17.95, the price is right.  Much more cost effective and practical than a Diaper Gene, Diaper Champ, or other plastic diaper pails that cost more and end up stinking up your house!


As an aside: I also use Nurtured Family’s medium-sized Mommy’s Touch Wet Bags for carrying soiled diapers in my diaper bag at church or out shopping.  I have two wet bags and definitely recommend them.  You can read a full review here.

Next week: Is it necessary to soak cloth diapers, and how do you keep them really CLEAN?


Thanks for your questions, mamas!  Your input and other questions are always welcome.




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