I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus from blogging lately, so it’s a bit ironic that I’m here talking about commitment today. 🙂

But’s it’s Monday- the day after Sunday.

And like most Mondays, today finds me regrouping.  Searching for a little equilibrium, a space of quiet, a chance to focus.

I thought you might like to share that with me today.

Whether you’re a ministry wife or not, we all need these recovery days, right?

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Today, I’m-

Getting my house in order for the week. 

Getting my pantry and laundry and bills caught up for the week.

Planning projects, meals, and homeschool and work goals.

And, somewhere in the middle of “everything else,” doing my best to meet my family’s needs and my own need for rest and sleep.

Today, I-

Feel compelled to reach out through this blog and speak words into the hearts of my fellow pastor’s wives.

Today, I-

Am carrying a lot of pressure on my emotional, mental, and spiritual shoulders.

Pressures from ministry needs and expectations.

Pressures from finances, family, and relationships.

Pressures from a body that needs just a little more rest and quiet.

Today, I-

Am realizing that pressure can kill.

Kill my joy.

Kill my passion and enthusiasm.

Dampen my love for others.

Even weaken my emotional and physical wellbeing.

Today, I

Am still learning what to do with all the pressure.


Give it to the Lord?

Fast and pray?

Talk to a trusted mentor?

Take a nap?

Maybe all of the above.

Today- on this Monday full of pressures

I am reminding myself that He gives more grace. 

Grace for the day.

For today.

For tomorrow.

Every pressure will be met with grace.

And because of that grace, I can stay committed.

Committed to my calling, and my husband’s calling.  This crazy calling to love and lead and learn people. 

Committed to my family.

Committed to my values and priorities.

Committed to my own wellbeing and emotional, physical and spiritual health.

And yes, committed to myself- who I am as a woman, with God-given dreams, abilities, and passions.

Today, I-

Am committed. 

Not because I necessarily feel it.  Or always want it.  Or always possess the strength to stay the course.

I am committed because He is committed to me. 

To pour on the daily grace.

To renew and refocus and refresh.

And, when necessary, to carry me another step, another day, another mile.

He is committed.

I am committed.

Are you?


Cultivating Christ-like Commitment

  • What kind of pressures are you dealing with right now?  Be specific.
  • How do these pressures stem from your role as a pastor’s wife? Financial pressures from salary? Time pressures from commitments and obligations? Family pressures from expectations or conflict?
  • How have you responded lately to these pressures?
  • Read James chapter four!
  • According to verse six, what is God’s provision for the pressures of life?
  • Have you chosen to embrace the daily supply of God’s grace for your life? Why or why not?
  • How can God’s grace keep you committed in your role as a pastor’s wife?
  • What three areas can you choose to stay committed to as a woman, pastor’s wife, and child of God? Be specific (ministry needs, health needs, family relationships, marriage, etc).

Dear Heavenly Father,

You see my needs.  You catch my tears.  You feel the pressures that I try to hide from others, but that sometimes squeeze the life and joy from my soul.

I am reminded today that I cannot carry my load alone.  I need You.  Please teach me how to cast my burden upon You.  Please help me to learn of you, Jesus, so that my soul can find renewal and rest.

I believe that You are able to equip me for obedience and effective service to You.  I am committed to Your calling on my life.  I am committed to your people, and above all, committed to YOU.

Help me to walk every day in the power of your sufficient grace. 

In Christ’s name,


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