I just made my first purchase of cloth diapers! I feel this is a bit of a silly question but am curious as to what others are doing. 

Are you guys changing baby in the bathroom (so that you have easy access to the toilet to throw the liner in?) or in baby’s room? (Where do you set liner in the interim?)

I am looking to buy a changing table for the nursery but wonder if it will be a challenge to put the filled liner off to the side until baby is changed, and then walk it down the hall to the bathroom? Should I set the bathroom counter up to be the change area? Am I over-thinking this or is it not that hard?



To be completely honest, this isn’t an issue I’ve really thought through… I just sort of go with the flow and do whatever works for us at the time.  Our “routine” has changed several times over the past few years, as we’ve moved from one house to another and needed to rearrange how (and where) we did things.   



To answer your first question: Where do you change baby?   


I’ve always changed our babies either in their bedroom or our bedroom.  A bathroom would work just as well, but I’ve never had a bathroom big enough to set up a changing area in!  


I put our changing table in storage (and eventually sold it) when Miss E was a baby; back then, our house was tiny and her bedroom was really tiny, so there simply wasn’t space for it.  We made do with a changing pad and a bed.  


With Mister K, I set up his dresser top as a “changing table”.  I have a pillow down for his head and a wipe-able changing pad to keep the area clean.  If I do change him on a bed, I simply slide the changing pad beneath him.


Where do you set the liner?

I don’t use disposable liners, so, no, I don’t need to throw them in the toilet.  My cloth liners stay in the soiled diaper while I change the baby, then I toss the diaper (liner and all) into the diaper hamper.  Keeping a trash can nearby the changing area makes it easy to throw away wipes, if you’re using wet ones.  Otherwise, the cloth wipes go inside the diaper, too. 


You didn’t ask this question directly, but I keep my diaper hamper in our laundry room.  Yes, I have to walk from Mister K’s bedroom to the laundry room to dispose of a dirty diaper.  I usually keep a small wet bag near his dresser for soiled diapers; it saves me from trekking across the house with a dirty diaper every time I change him. You can order wet bags pretty inexpensively… or use a plastic grocery bag instead.


In the past, I’ve kept a diaper hamper (a trash can lined with a large pail liner) near the changing area.  I found I actually prefer the hamper in the laundry room– it’s more simple on wash days and the diaper odors seem better contained in the laundry room. 


About “dunking”

I haven’t mentioned “dunking” my diapers because I don’t dunk.  I used to do the dunking routine, before I switched to Fuzzi Bunz and found that it really wasn’t necessary.  The insides of Fuzzi Bunz diapers are made of fleece… and poo-poo doesn’t stick very well to fleece (hallelujah!). 


Before I made the diaper brand switch, I used fleece liners to help keep clean-up as simple as possible.  Now, I simply give dirty diapers a good shake over the toilet, if necessary, and plop the whole thing into the hamper to await a wash day.  I run all our diapers through a short, COLD rinse cycle before I wash them in hot water.  It helps keep them extra clean.  🙂




Hope this answers some of your questions!  Remember, I’m just one mama.  My “routine” has worked well for our babies but may not necessarily work so great for everyone.  I think the main thing in sticking with cloth diapering over the long term is to be creative, flexible, and just do it!   


Cloth MaMas, how do you respond to Simone’s questions?  I’d love to hear your input! 

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One thought on “Changing Tables, Dunkin’ Dipes & More Cloth Talk

  1. I just started cloth diapering… 6 weeks ago…with our 4th son.  So I’m trying to figure it out too!  But, what we do for now is change on the pack-n-play in our room, our bed, and I have a changing station set up on the dresser in his room.  The  used diapers and inserts go into a hanging pail in the laundry room so if it were to stink, it wouldn’t be in any of our bedrooms. Cold rinse, regular wash cycle on hot, then extra rinse.  I am not a dunker.  We use 4 different diaper brands and the liner’s to make getting rid of poo easy. 

    Posted on July 8, 2011 at 2:11 am