Buying in Bulk: What to do with 50 lbs of sucanat

One of my favorite ways to save money on whole foods is buying in bulk.

Granted, buying food in large quantities doesn’t always save money.  You have to be sure and calculate the unit price.

Sometimes it’s a no brainer, though.

Like when I could spend $7.99 on this 1-lb bag of sucanat:

Or spend about $1.50 per pound when I buy it in bulk.

Hmm… guess I don’t have to think too hard about that one.

The “issue” with purchasing food in bulk is what do you do with all that food?

For instance, take my bargain from Azure Standard this month: fifty pounds of sucanat.  Fifty pounds!


(By the way, sucanat is an abbreviation for Sugar Cane Natural… a raw sugar… one of my favorite wholesome sweeteners.)

Sell it!

That’s right, I sold some of my precious sucanat.  :o)  I found a few natural-minded friends in our area who were more than willing to snatch up a few pounds of raw sugar for a bargain.  

I sold enough to help pay for the majority of my fifty pounds.  And I still have over thirty pounds to bake and cook with.

 Store it!

I divided my remaining sucanat into gallon-size jars and bags for storage.  The bags will probably go into the freezer for safe keeping.  The gallon jar will stay in our pantry with my other bulk goodies.


I should be set for a while on sucanat.

Do you buy in bulk?


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  1. Avonrepehill says

    Hi! I learned something new today as I had no idea what sucanat was! I will have to look into it. Though I have a question, how do you go about buying in bulk for a small family? It is just my husband and I and our 11 week old.

    • says

      You can usually order/purchase bulk whole foods in various amounts: 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 50 lbs, etc.

      If your family doesn’t need 50 lbs of a certain food, you can always join in with another family (or families) and split a larger order.

      You might consider looking for a food c0-op in your area. Co-ops are an excellent source for buying whole foods in bulk. Amazon also offers a fairly large selection of whole foods, many of them qualifying for free shipping.

    • Brianna says

      Buying in bulk for a small family is tricky sometimes! In my house it is just my husband, 1 year old, and me. So I’m in the same situation you are. The best thing seems to be to find someone to share/ split with. I come from a large family, and my mom buys tons of food in bulk, so sometimes I just ask her “Can I buy 5 lb. of millet, coconut, ect. from you?” She’ll calculate what she spent per lb., and I pay her for it.


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