Today I’m sharing ten (plus a few) blogs for homemakers to read to find encouragement, inspiration, and tips for Biblical, healthy living.

These are my top favorite sites, and ones I

  • read on a regular basis 
  • subscribe to 
  • and find a kindred spirit with the blogger behind the blog! 

I shared in my last post, How Do You Keep Up With the Blogs You Read?, that in order for a blog to make my “list” it has to be three things:

  • encouraging 
  • helpful 
  • real 

I’ve read about a bazillion blogs over the years, and here are the ten (plus a few more) that made that list for me (and why I keep reading them)!  

Top 10+ Blogs Homemakers Should Read | Kristy's Cottage

These are listed in no particular order, by the way.

{Inspiring Blogs for Women}

1. The Humbled Homemaker

I connected with Erin (the Humbled Homemaker) a few years ago when she reached out to me with an invitation to participate in the Ultimate Bundles.  I have found her to be truly humble and real, an inspiring writer, and a kindred natural mama.

What I love most about The Humbled Homemaker: Erin’s transparent and grace-filled articles.  


I discovered Sally Clarkson years ago when I was frantically searching (via Google) for encouragement as a very tired, overwhelmed, and lonely young mom.  I clicked on Sally’s blog one afternoon, and read article after article.  At the time, I didn’t have a clue that she was a popular author and speaker… to me, she simply breathed hope into my life at a desperate point of need.

I read Sally’s blog nearly every week, and included many of her books in my reading list.

What I love most about Sally Clarkson: She is a dreamer (like me!), but she offers practical wisdom that speaks to me right where I’m at as a wife and mom.

3. Club 31 Women

Lisa is a fresh voice in my world!  I found myself reading and pinning many of her articles every month, so I finally just subscribed so I can stay connected.

What I love most about Club 31 Women: Lisa is a homeschooling mom of eight and an inspiring, Biblical  writer!

I shared even more of my favorite inspiring blogs for women at the end of this post!} 


Top 10+ Blogs for Homemakers to Read | Kristy's Cottage

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{Natural Living Blogs}

4. Heavenly Homemakers

Laura’s blog was one of the earliest blogs I remember reading (about eight years ago).  I think this lady taught me nearly everything I know about whole foods!  🙂

Even though I was a newbie blogger, Laura took the time to correspond with me, answer questions, and gave me the confidence to try my hand at something I desperately wanted to do- write!  Thank you, Laura!

What I love most about Heavenly Homemakers: All the great, healthy recipes AND Laura’s crazy sense of humor! 

5. Jill’s Home Remedies

Jill is my friend, my fellow homeschooling mom, and a Certified Family Herbalist.  I appreciate this lady dearly and consider her blog top notch in the world of natural living!

Jill and I got to meet in person back in 2013!
Jill and I got to meet in person in 2013!  This picture is me (Kristy), Jill (holding my very bald Baby C), and Jill’s youngest daughter.

Jill has contributed a number of guest posts here at this blog.

What I love most about Jill’s Home Remedies: All the practical, well researched information.

6. Growing Up Herbal

I got to know Meagan when I was on the writing team at Bulk Herb Store blog, and I just love this lady!  Meagan is an R.N., a Certified Family Herbalist, a blogger and a homeschooling mom of four little boys.  She’s also the editor of Bulk Herb Store blog and a regular contributor there.

What I love most about Growing Up HerbalIt’s a wonderful resource for moms who need information, inspiration, and confidence in how to naturally mother their children.  

7. Bulk Herb Store Blog

Speaking of Bulk Herb Store, I’m a shameless fan of Shoshanna Easling!  I’ve been a customer over at BHS for years, and was super excited when the team decided to launch a blog a few years ago.  I decided to bow out of the writing team this year in order to free up my time as a wife and mom, but I certainly plan to continue reading over there!

My favorite thing about Bulk Herb Store blog: So much helpful and practical information from experienced and educated natural mamas!

Top 10+ Blogs for Homemakers to Read | Kristy's Cottage

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{Blogs for Bloggers}


I’ve known Gretchen since I was thirteen years old (but we’ve never met in person!), and it’s been fun to stay connected with her via her website and blog over the years. 

My favorite thing about Gretchen Louise: Gretchen is super smart and techy, but she writes about blogging in a way that my non-techy brain can understand!  


How could I not like Amy Lynn Andrews?  Her first name is the same as my daughter’s, and her middle name is the same as mine.  🙂 

Okay, the real reason I read Amy’s blog is that she isn’t complicated or highfalutin (that really is a word, by the way).  Again, this is an expert blogger writing in layman’s terms.  I appreciate that!

 {Finance Blogs}

10. Christian Personal Finance

This is another blog I kept reading and pinning and finally just subscribed to.  I’m not an overly financially savvy mama (notice that this is the only finance blog listed here), but this website is a keeper.

What I love about Christian Personal Finance: It’s practical, Biblical, and totally easy for a pony-tail and sandals wearing mom to relate to!  


A few more blogs I love:

Do you have a favorite blog? 

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3 thoughts on “Blogs I Read {and why I love them} | Weekend Reads

  1. We share many of the same favorites! Heavenly Homemakers is a must read for me. Feel free to drop by my blog

    Posted on January 21, 2015 at 7:39 pm
  2. I love the picture and the memory, Kristy! And I am truly honored to be on the list! Love you dear friend. 🙂

    Posted on January 16, 2015 at 9:42 am
  3. Thanks for including mine in the list, Kristy! Like we chatted about, I really want to be more thoughtful with the blogs I subscribe to so I can keep up with them better. You’ve inspired me to do that!

    Posted on January 15, 2015 at 11:07 pm