Hi friends! 

I don’t usually take unplanned breaks from blogging, but the past few weeks have been the busiest for our family in 2015!

I’m sure I’ll share more at a later date about what I’m up to these days, but for now I’ll just say that, in order to preserve my sanity and the integrity of my family life, I had to cut back on blogging for a while.

But I missed my writing time!


Communicating with the written word is such an integral part of how I process life that I can’t stay away for long.

Even on the days when I’m too busy to log-in to my blog and write, I find myself reaching for one of my journals, simply because there are words that must come out.

Thoughts that demand to be expressed.

Ideas that beckon to be fleshed out, like art work on a canvas.

Goals to articulate, even if only in the privacy of my personal journal.

Writing is an emotional exhaling for me.  To not write is to hold my inner breath… and, after a while, I feel like I’m suffocating.

So I make time to write, just like I make time to sleep and to eat.

Sometimes people ask me how I have consistently found time to blog over the years, even the the midst of having babies, raising little children, homeschooling and ministry.

My reply: It is who I am, so I do it.  

Behind the Blog Right Now

The beautiful thing about blogging is that, you, my friends, are willing to listen and to share in return.

Thank you for your loyalty to me- not as one of many countless bloggers, but as a person who feels and lives and dreams, much like you live and feel and dream.

The beautiful season of the holidays is upon us and, quite honestly, I try to clear my “projects” calendar as much as possible at this time of year.  

We are about to wrap up our fall homeschooling semester, just so we can focus on savoring the long, cozy evenings, making gluten-free sugar cookies, decorating homemade invitations for our Christmas birthday child and simply savoring a season that is far too beautiful to lose in the flurry of stressful activities.

My blogging may feel a little different at this time of year than it does during the more structured months of spring and summer.

Behind the Blog Right Now

Right now, my heart is searching for the quiet moments.  The beauty that gets buried beneath the busy-ness.  The joy that gets pushed out between the going and the doing.

I do have a few structured posts to share with you over the ensuing holiday weeks, but what I want you to hear, loud and clear, when you visit these pages, is the heart of a friend. 

Let’s share this beautiful season together, shall we?  

Quietly.  Joyfully.  Intentionally.

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One thought on “Behind the Blog in November

  1. Looking forward to whatever you might share in the weeks to come. 🙂 I’m always blessed to read what is on your heart!

    Posted on November 8, 2015 at 12:27 am