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I’ve spent the past few years reading rave reviews on other blogs about Azure Standard, a natural foods coop headquartered in Oregon.  I contacted the company over a year ago and was disappointed to discover that their delivery trucks didn’t venture much past the North/Western states.

Thankfully, Azure Standard is in high demand… as of January 2011, their trucks are rolling into parts of Texas!

I feel very blessed that our area was targeted for a drop point.  This week, our family drove about an hour-and-half to Aledo to pick up our first order from Azure Standard.  (It may seem like a long way to drive for food, but it’s worth it!  Living in a rural area, we’re rather accustomed to driving a lengthy distance to go anywhere.)

I was so excited! Do you know how long I’ve been dying to get my hands on a gallon of organic, extra virgin coconut oil????  Strange, I know.  But whole, organic foods… IN BULK…  That just made my LIFE!  😉

My first Azure Standard order!

I’ve been on cloud nine at the thought of being able to stock my pantry with bulk health foods.  Since most of our family has recently gone gluten free, the timing couldn’t be better.  I was able to order flours to make my own gluten free baking mix (which tastes much better than the store-bought mixes, by the way!).

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about Azure Standard in the months ahead, but here are a few of the particulars about the coop (I encourage you to check out their website for full details):

  • Orders are shipped (via a truck) once-a-month to drop points.
  • The minimum order is just $50 (can be combined with a friend’s order!) and setting up an account is completely free.
  • Products do not have to be ordered in bulk- you can order small quantities as well as bulk quantities.  I love this feature!
  • Orders can be placed online, by fax, or phone one week before the delivery date to your area.
  • Azure Standard delivers to at least 26 states (the last I checked), mostly in the North/Western states.  But they are moving South, which is good news for us Southerners!
  • Azure Standard does not charge for “shipping”, but a small handling fee is required.  The fee varies, depending upon your location.  For our drop point in Aledo, we our “handling” fee is 8.5% of our total order.  To me, this is basically like paying “tax”.  It’s worth it.

If you’re near the Aledo area and are interested in joining the coop, contact Kristy Bell for more details: joyfullivingdistributor [at] yahoo [dot] com. Kristy is very helpful and knowledgeable- I enjoyed meeting and talking with her.  (She has an awesome website, too!

To find out other drop points in Texas, contact Diane Pennington with inquiries: penningtonfam [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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