Happy Friday! 

And welcome to my little happy corner on the web!

It’s the end of yet another week (can you believe it?), and I’ve spent the last few days in bed with a really nasty sinus infection/allergy attack.

Yes… another one.

The good news is lots of time in bed = lots of time to read!  🙂

Between resting and helping my kids with their school work, I’ve had my nose in a book or browsing the articles in my Favorite Reads board on Pinterest.

Here are some encouraging and interesting reads for your weekend! 

I’m including articles/blog posts and books of interest this week.  Enjoy!

Here’s the book I’ve had my nose in recently- Fierce Women, by Kim Wagner.


Fierce Women, by Kimberly Wagner

This book has been on my reading list all year, and I finally cracked the cover a few days ago.  All I can say is, Wow.  And ouch!

If you’re a strong-willed woman (especially if you’re married to the nice Mr. Steady guy, like I am), then this book just might be one you need to read too.  Kimberly transparently shares many issues “fierce women” face- and create- in their marriages, and offers sound, Biblical answers.

A few other books of interest I discovered this week:

Have you seen the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook and Trim Healthy Mama Plan book from Serene and Pearl?

THM Cook BookTHM Menu Plan Book

I got pretty excited when I discovered these on Amazon this morning, because I know many of you Trim Healthy Mamas have been waiting for something like this!

It looks like these books are available for pre-order only, but hopefully they’ll be ready to ship soon!

Here’s another newly released book that your younger readers will enjoy- Set Free.


This is book five in the Triple C Creek series, by Rebekah A. Morris.  

We just received the last four books of the series (we already owned the first title) in the mail yesterday, and my 11-year old daughter is already devouring book #2!  This is a great, wholesome series of Christian fiction for tween girls or family reading.

Be sure and take a peek at Read Another Page Publishing’s brand new website!  You’ll find a complete list of books, interesting details, and weekly blog posts from author Rebekah A. Morris.

Articles to Encourage and inspire you- 

There are a few of the great blog posts I read this week from my Favorite Reads board on Pinterest

  •  The House That Two Incomes Built, parts one and two.  I love these articles by Connie at Smockity Frocks!  A great perspective from a mom of eight.
  • Living a Big Story Takes Patience and Lots of Time!  I browsed through Sally Clarkson’s website yesterday, and this article caught my attention.  The encouraging, eternal perspective theme woven through the words in this post was just the boost I needed this week.
  • How to Let Your Man Know What You Really Need From Him.  If you’re a married woman, I’m surprised you haven’t already clicked through that link and left me!  What woman doesn’t want to discover a “secret” like this? 😉  I’m always blessed and encouraged by the articles at Club31 Women.

For my fellow homeschooling moms, I hope you’ll follow me over to Hip Homeschool Moms today where I’m sharing a guest post- Why Making Time for Fun is So Important for Your Family.

Why Making Time for Fun is So Important for Your Family, by Kristy @ Hip Homeschool Moms

That’s all from me this week, friends! 

Lord willing, I’ll be back in a few days with our Minister’s Wife Monday post and more encouraging content for next week.

Have a blessed weekend!


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