I’m excited to share another “Peek Behind the Screen” interview with you today!  These are the posts where I give you an up close and “real” peek into the lives of our blog sponsors.

This time, our conversation is with Rebekah A. Morris, author of ten books (with more in the works!), owner of Read Another Page, and a homeschool graduate from the beautiful state of Missouri.

Since we’ve been covering a lot of homeschool topics here at the blog recently, I thought it would be fun to feature Miss Morris, who was educated at home.  As a homeschooling mom, I find it amusing that this author actually hated writing when she was in school… that gives me some hope for my writing-challenged kids! 🙂

I’ve never met Miss Morris in person, but we’ve corresponded several times throughout the year and I’m drawn to this lady’s energy and imagination!  I think readers will see that shining through in everything she writes… from her books to this interview.

I’ll be sharing more about Miss Morris’ books tomorrow- including a giveaway- so stay tuned!

An Interview with Author and Storyteller Rebekah A. Morris: the Homeschool Who Grew Up and Became a Writer! Kristy's Cottage blog

A big “thank you” to Miss Morris for taking the time to share a peek into her life as a writer and dreamer of stories!

Rebekah, please tell us about the inspiration behind your stories and books!

{Rebekah A. Morris}  Since I write so many different books, I’ve had lots of inspiration. My Triple Creek Ranch series came about because of three character descriptions I wrote, and my readers’ pleadings for another book.

For all of my books one thing that has inspired me is the need for “real” books where christianity is not just an “add on” to give it a title, but a real and active part of the story and characters without feeling that it’s “preachy.”

My love of reading has been a big influence on my style, my sentence structure and even the type of books I write. People have asked me where I get my ideas for so many stories and I have to tell them “everywhere.” Honestly, I pick up ideas from books, stories people tell, pictures, and my own imagination. There really is no limit to where the ideas come from.

What got you started on your journey as a writer?  Did someone encourage you to give it a try, or was it a natural-born love?

{Rebekah A. Morris} I hated writing when I was in school! I was homeschooled, and it wasn’t just an “I don’t like this” kind of feeling.  I remember crying because I had to write three sentences!

After I graduated, I started writing imaginary “letters” with some friends and soon discovered that writing wasn’t a horrible thing invented to torment me, but an exciting avenue for adventure!

My mom was the one who first encouraged me to write a book.  When I ran out of girls to write letters with, my mom suggested I write a story about World War 1. I decided to do it in the style I was most familiar with.

Six years of writing and research later, my first book Home Fires of the Great War was finished.

The girls who wrote those “pretend letters” had a big influence on my writing because if they hadn’t been willing to write, I don’t know if I’d have ever gotten excited about it.

Books by Rebekah A. Morris
Books by Rebekah A. Morris: you can read more about them, and even get a sneak peek at chapters or upcoming books, at Rebekah’s site, Read Another Page.

What has kept you going along the way?

{Rebekah A. Morris} Feedback.

Honestly, if I don’t get feedback I’m ready to stop. It doesn’t take much to keep me going though. 🙂

An e-mail or comment on my blog saying how much someone enjoyed a story, a review on Amazon, someone telling me face to face that they loved the new book, or even a fan asking if the next book is almost done, all have the potential to make me write more.

What sets your books apart from others in your writing  niche?

{Rebekah A. Morris} I write Family books: ones that an entire family can enjoy. My books are wholesome stories with no bad language, or graphic descriptions that would defile.

The stories I write are not just christian in name but in word and action.

No, I don’t make everyone perfect, but I try to write “real” stories that are as accurate to history/real life as I can make them. I don’t and won’t write romance, fantasy, sci fi, or thrillers.

You mentioned that you first started writing right out of high school.  How long has it taken you to write the ten books you’ve had published? 

{Rebekah A. Morris} It’s been about 11 years since I started writing my first book, but that wasn’t published until 2011.

In the 5 years that I’ve been writing books, I’ve written and published ten books. Two are short stories, four are part of the Triple Creek Ranch series and the rest are all stand alone books.

An Interview with author Rebekah A. Morris
Miss Morris at a book signing event.

I also wrote the poems for my best friend’s book, An Everyday Photo Alphabet.

My newest book, Gift from the Storm, came out in March and I am hoping to get Book 5 in the Triple Creek Ranch series out by the beginning of August. My current work in progress in another Graham Quartet mystery.

Also, two of my books are on audio and can be purchased on Audiable.com and the first book in the Triple Creek Ranch series should be out in audio in another month or two.

Please share 8 to 10 fun (or little known) facts about yourself!

{Rebekah A. Morris} 

1- I love to eat frozen gummi bears!

2- I dislike cooking and would rather write a story any day than make supper.

3- I am ready to try just about any adventure, but going in caves or swimming in the ocean aren’t included in those adventures.

4- You never know when I’ll start singing some random song aloud.

5- My thoughts jump around even when I’m talking and sometimes I leave my listeners puzzling over how I got from point A. to point Q. and wondering what on earth I’m talking about and “how does she manage to write sensible books?”

6- I am a morning person.

7- I like big dogs.

8- I will chase any cats out of our yard with a broom, cap-gun, rocks or just by shouting.

9- For years I’ve dreamed of visiting each of the 50 States, but the one I really long to visit is Montana. (I don’t know why as I don’t know anyone who lives there.)

10- I have taught my niece and nephews how to play “pretend” since they were little bity and we all still love to “travel to the moon,” “hunt for gold in a mine,” “head west in a covered wagon” and many other things involving a good imagination.

An Interview with author Rebekah A. Morris
Rebekah says, “This is how I imagine I write my stories. On an old typewriter, with a glass of ice cold lemonade, a vase of freshly picked flowers beside me and a stack of reference books.”
An interview with author Rebekah A. Morris
“In reality, this is what it really looks like. I sit on my bed with my piles of books, papers and notebooks beside me and a water-bottle on the other.”

If you’re looking for great reading material for your kids or family read aloud time this summer, I hope you’ll stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!  

I’ll be sharing a review of book one in Miss Morris’ Triple Creek Ranch series, Unbroken, and offering a fun giveaway.  My eleven-year old daughter loved this book, so I’m going to let her share her two cents, as well.  🙂

If you’d like to check out more about Rebekah A. Morris’ books, you can read about and purchase them via her website and blog, Read Another Page, or find them right here on Amazon.  

Miss Morris’ books are eligible for Prime shipping on Amazon and have great reviews… I hope you’ll take a look!

"Unbroken", Book One in the Triple C Creek series by Rebekah A. Morris

What about you?  Do these books by Rebekah A. Morris sound like something your family would enjoy?

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