Today I want to show you a super fun and creative way to store bulk herbs or loose-leaf tea!  

Now, just so you know, this is not MY idea and the pictures in this post are not mine.  My very creative friend, Christa, shared these with me last week and I thought they were so beautiful that I asked her if I could share them with you.

MY bulk herbs and loose-leaf teas are generally stuffed into my kitchen cabinet (or freezer) in their original bags… nothing inspiring or chic, let me assure you!

Christa’s creativity and flare for beautiful homemaking inspired me, and I hope her ideas inspire you too! 

A Creative Way to Store Bulk Herbs or Loose-leaf Tea |

Here, Christa is show casing four wonderful, organic tea blends from Bulk Herb Store:

Cough Tea, Double-E Immune Booster Tea, Brain Booster Tea and Herban-C Tea

Christa bought the pretty jars from Hobby Lobby (half-off!) and added chalk board labels to the front for a pretty and functional effect.

I found similar jars (here) and chalk board labels (here) on Amazon. 

This would be a fun and simple project!

A Creative Way to Store Bulk Herbs or Loose-leaf Tea |

A Creative Way to Store Bulk Herbs or Loose-leaf Tea |

Here’s a pretty little boxwood wreath (like this one) and a jar of Organic Cinnamon Sticks.  

My kids love soaking these cinnamon sticks in cups of hot tea… or just chewing on them!  A fun and painless way to boost your kids’ vitamin C intake. 😉

Isn’t this a fun way to store bulk herbs and teas?  

I mean, it’s pretty enough to show case on your kitchen counter or dining room buffet. Much better than my stuff-and-store-in-the-cabinet method.

How do you store bulk herbs or teas? 

Are you a creative, chic homemaker, like Christa? 

Or a stash-it-in-the-cabinet girl, like me? 🙂  

Shop Bulk Herb Store for healthy, organic bulk herbs and teas! 

Shop Bulk Herb Store for healthy, organic herbs and teas!

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2 thoughts on “A Creative Way to Store Bulk Herbs or Loose-leaf Tea

  1. You throw away all the spices after you’ve strained your tea? ..just wondering if there’s anything else they can be used for, or do they just get throw away?

    Posted on September 5, 2016 at 4:16 am
    1. You can add the spices to an organic “mulch” if you’re a gardener!

      Posted on September 8, 2016 at 6:41 am