As a woman, I’ve often pondered the warning found in Proverbs 14:1-

Every wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish plucketh it down with her own hands.

The pervading question: Am I wise or foolish?

Here are five ways to surely tear down your home (may we all avoid doing these!):


Your husband.

Your children.

Your pastor.

Your parents.

Your in-laws.

The clerk at Walmart.

Make it a habit to notice people’s faults, and be vocal about it.


About the size of your house.

About how much your husband works (or doesn’t work).

About how often the in-laws come over (or don’t come over).

About how difficult it is to make ends meet with your husband’s income.

About all the neglected repair jobs around the house.

You won’t have to look hard nor far to find suitable complaints.


Punish others with the silent treatment when necessary.

Make they feel sorry for the way they treat you.

Never apologize first.  Let someone else make the first move.

Indulge yourself in pity parties; you deserve it.



Your home.

Your children.

Your marriage.

Your ministry.

Why do other people have it so much better than you do?


Don’t let go of little hurts and slights.

Bury them inside.

Bring up past offenses whenever necessary.

Never let others forget how they hurt you.

If you don’t remember, who will?


We can all be guilty, at one time or another, of “plucking down” our home by our words and actions.  The problem lies in the fact that we are so often blind to the consequences of our own habits.

Have you ever come to the rude awakening that your actions were damaging those you love the most?

I have.

And I am utterly grateful to God for forgiveness and grace.

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