I write a lot about joy and contentment on this blog, but not because I’m so great at it. 

Today is Day 7 of our 10 Days Without Complaining challenge.  It’s been a struggle for me to keep up with this challenge, as it is every year.

I’m not sure if life really does get more complicated and irritating when I decide not to complain, or if I’m just more aware at how easily I can default into that habit of unhappiness.

5 Reasons to Choose Joy Every Day of Your Life | 10 Days Without Complaining @ Kristy's Cottage blog

Whatever the reasons, my kids and I have met with plenty of our ugliness over the past week.  If you’re not-complaining with me, then maybe you have too!

Today I want to share a post I wrote for Our Homeschool Forum a few weeks ago.  I titled it, “5 Reasons I Choose Joy.”

A better title would be, “5 Reasons I Try to Choose Joy… Most of the Time.”  That comes off sounding a bit clumsy for an article title, but it might reflect a more accurate state of my heart.  🙂

You can read my five reasons for purposing to choose joy on a daily basis over at Our Homeschool Forum, where I’m honored to contribute every week.


I heard it all my life: Joy is a choice. I never really understood how important it is to make that choice until I became a mother.

Until I saw my negative attitudes affecting my children.

Until I saw my habit of unhappiness shaping their habits.

Until I saw the state of my soul reflected in the mirror of motherhood… and I knew I needed the help of the Holy Spirit to cultivate some very deep changes.

There are reasons I decide to choose joy every day of my life, five reasons.

And, yes, I am the mother of five children, and those are my top five reasons! But here are five more reasons why I choose joy.


Read the full article right here.

10 Days Without Complaining | Are you up for the challenge? Kristys Cottage blog

I’ll be sharing a little more this week about cultivating gratitude in our children’s hearts, and weaving joy and thankfulness into the fiber of our home life. 

Thank you for reading here, and for sharing this challenge with me!

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