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October is Clergy Appreciation month!

Today I want to share something that pertains to everyone who knows a pastor’s wife-

and that’s how to pray for her.

I’ve been pondering this topic for a while, and I thought of three specific ways to effectively pray for your pastor’s wife.

Speaking for myself, these are definitely three areas of need, although it’s not very likely that your pastor’s wife has expressed these issues to you personally.

Pastor’s wives can be secretive like that. 😉

If you’ve ever wondered how to pray for your pastor’s wife in specific areas, here are three top needs:

Pray for Her Family.

As a pastor’s wife raising a young family, I cannot adequately express the desperate need a ministry family has for prayer coverage.

Simply put: the pressures pastors’ families face are very real. 

Ministry life affects so many facets of a young family: marriage, kids, finances and time, just to name a few.

The “united front” and team work your pastor and his wife present at church doesn’t just happen. 

If there is unity in a ministry marriage, then I can guarantee there is much blood, sweat, and tears being shed behind closed doors.

The demands of ministry can be brutal on a marriage; pray for your pastor and his wife.

As kids grow up in a pastor’s home, the pressures will affect them in deeper ways.

Prayer, and a generous dose of grace, will mean a lot to your pastor’s kids… and their mama.  

3 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor's Wife | Kristy's Cottage blog

Pray for Her Health.

The effects of stress on women’s health is no new topic in the world of modern medicine.

It’s a proven fact: women are more deeply affected by the physical and emotional effects of stress than men. {source}

I’d be lying if I said that ministry is stress-free.

I’d also be lying if I claimed that my body has never felt the sting of ministry stress.

I want you to pray for your pastor’s wife’s health because there’s a good chance she doesn’t sleep some nights because of the burden she’s carrying for someone in your church (maybe even you sometimes).

I want you to pray for your pastor’s wife’s health because it’s very likely that she quietly struggles with emotions like loneliness or depression, or possibly even stress related health conditions.

I want you to pray for your pastor’s wife’s health because the daily responsibility of raising kids, being a wife, and helping with finances (either by working or saving, or both) so that the family can pursue a ministry lifestyle, well it’s a difficult juggling act to say the least.

I want you to pray for your pastor’s wife’s health because she is called to be a good steward of her body.  She may or may not realize the importance of clean eating, nutrition, exercise and rest.

If she does, support her in that endeavor! 

If she doesn’t, pray that she will!

Pray for Her Personal Growth.

As a “baby” pastor’s wife at twenty-three, I knew that ministry demanded a level of spiritual maturity.

(Maturity that I was growing into, by the way, and had a long way to go!)

At thirty-six, I have learned that ministry also demands a deep level of emotional maturity.

Women do not become spiritually or emotionally mature simply because their husbands are called to be pastors.

Like you, and every other human alive, we pastor’s wives must grow into maturity.

We must CHOOSE to grow.

Pray that your pastor’s wife will grow in maturity, both emotionally and spiritually, as a Christian woman.

Believe me, the opportunities (read: challenges) abound for growth. 

But personal growth is a choice, and sometimes it is a difficult journey.

Pray that she will maintain an eternal vision.

Pray that she will make time for prayer, and daily bathing her soul in God’s Word.

Pray that she will not become bitter or discouraged.

Pray that she will be able to overcome emotional baggage and issues in her personal life (yes, your pastor’s wife has issues too).

Pray that she will learn to speak with wisdom and grace in response to criticism and misunderstanding.

Pray that she will not be petty or easily offended.

Pray that she will be willing to grow in the various roles of ministry (even the ones that are out of her comfort zone).

Sweet friends, please never underestimate

the power of your prayers,

your presence, and

your friendship in the life of your pastor’s wife.

She needs you in each of these areas, and most specifically she needs your prayers.

Sweet pastor’s wife, I want to close this post with a quote from John Piper, noted speaker, author, and pastor:

If you live to make others glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full.”  

I know that your life can be hard and your risks are high. 

But may your joy also be very full!

I believe with all my heart that this is God’s plan and provision for us pastor’s wives.

I am praying for you!

Walk in His abundant grace today.

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