Have you ever been around someone who is a sap?

I don’t mean a “foolish, gullible person”, as defined by Mister Webster.  I mean “sap” as in a drain, discourager, someone who steals your joy and leaves a taste of negativity in your spirit. 

We all probably know people like that and, chances are, we do our best to avoid them whenever possible!

 The big question isn’t can we think of someone else who is a “sap”, but are WE guilty of sapping someone else’s joy by our negative attitude?

I don’t want to be a “sap”, not in any context.

Then there are individuals whose bubbly, joyful attitudes almost seem contagious; you just want to smile because they are smiling!

My dad refers to people who exude joy and life as “energy givers”.  Their satisfaction with life spreads to those around them; unconsciously, their joy begets more joy in others.
This morning, I jotted down ten ways that I can strive to be an “energy giver”.
  1. Smile! At everyone, no matter what.
  2. Laughat yourself, if necessary.  (It sure beats whining!)
  3. Praise others. It’s easy to criticize; be creative and compliment instead.
  4. Express gratitudewith your facial expression, demeanor, and words.
  5. Be positive. Nothing “saps” joy and energy like negativity.
  6. Quit complaining. Think before you speak and, if necessary, shut your mouth.
  7. Enjoy the little things. Blue skies, snow drifts, gentle rains, quiet mornings, noisy children… whatever “little things” fill your day.  Notice and appreciate them.
  8. Cultivate contentment.  A restless spirit robs joy, in you and those around you.
  9. Practice patience. Life is busy enough.  Do red lights, long lines, and other “slow me downs” really matter?
  10. Find purpose and meaning in the mundane. Washing dishes, preparing meals, folding clothes, going to work, mowing grass, changing diapers- whatever life requires of you, it has a purpose in God’s bigger picture.  Offer it as a sacrifice of praise to Him!

How can you be an energy giver today?

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