About ten years ago, I gave myself a challenge to not complain for ten days.

Ten days, I thought.  How hard can that be? 

To say the least, I had no idea how much I complained… until I tried to stop! 

I found the challenge so life-changing that I shared it with the ladies in my church a few years later, and then here on the blog in 2012.

It’s been a tradition of sorts for my kids and I to challenge ourselves to go ten days without complaining every year around the first of November.

Sometimes we time it so that the tenth day lands on Thanksgiving day, which makes it sort of a celebration that we kicked the complaining habit (yet again) at this special season.

However and whenever we do it, this challenge is both fun and eye-opening… for kids and adults alike.

The idea for a kids’ printable struck me several years ago, and I’ve been working to develop ideas for the pages for a while now. 

In fact, this printable was about three years in the making!

I’m really excited to offer you a complimentary copy of 10 Days Without Complaining For Kids!


This little packet contains over thirty pages of activities, coloring pages, Scripture pages and other gratitude-themed worksheets for your kids. 

It’s a downloadable file, which means you can print it from your home computer and help your kids get started on their own 10 Days Without Complaining challenge right away!

You will find around three pages per day for each “day without complaining” in this packet.

The pages were created with preschool through about second grade aged children in mind.

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My prayer is that this little packet will plant seeds of gratitude and grace in your children’s hearts, and also help you, as a parent, move beyond the “say thank you”
reminders and truly cultivate a healthy, affirming emotional culture in your home.

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I’m so grateful for you!

10 Days Without Complaining for Kids

10 Days Without Complaining for Kids

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